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"Aku masih 13 tahun dadaku diraba seorang pria di Masjidil Haram," Terungkap Kasus-kasus Pelecehan Seksual Saat Beribadah di Tanah Suci

Bahkan di tanah sucipun pelecehan seksual masih terjadi oleh oknum-oknum jamaah yang tak bertanggung jawab.
Lalo @LaloDagach

Women are speaking out about being sexually harassed during Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. #MeToo #TimesUp #Islam…

06/02/2018 01:44:53 WIB
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Lalo @LaloDagach

Muslim women are exposing the sexual harassment that occurs during #Hajj. Especially while performing Tawaf, walking around the Kaaba seven times, and while in line to touch the Black Stone, a rock set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba. #MeToo #TimesUp

06/02/2018 02:00:55 WIB
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Enrico Maran @Enrico_Mrn

@LaloDagach No way! During the Hajj? Who would have thought... 🤔

06/02/2018 01:46:44 WIB
Zarrd Kaan @zarrdkaan

@LaloDagach No wonder they need to keep the women separate. Men can’t keep their hands to themselves even at the holiest of places.

06/02/2018 08:52:44 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

Feminist author/public speaker: Arab & Muslim issues, global feminism. Book: Headscarves & Hymens NYT opinion columnist. Tattoos. #MUFC

Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

I am glad to see women are speaking out about being sexually harassed during Hajj. Several years ago, i shared my own experience with sexual assault during the pilgrimage (see following tweets)… h/t @jwildeboer #MeToo

06/02/2018 05:41:58 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

@jwildeboer In my book, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution, I describe being groped and sexually assaulted twice at Haj in 1982 when I was 15 #MeToo

06/02/2018 05:43:53 WIB
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Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

For years, I could not tell my parents what happened to me or speak about being sexually assaulted during Haj for this reason. #MeToo

06/02/2018 05:45:13 WIB
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Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

1st time I shared my experience of being sexually assaulted during Haj, Egyptian Muslim woman warned me to stop or else I’d “make Muslims look bad.”I continue to share what happened to me & several other Muslim women have shared their own experiences w/me.…

06/02/2018 05:50:21 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

Men sexually assault women everywhere - in sacred and sexual spaces. Women of all faiths find it especially difficult to speak out because of taboos and shame around sex. Fuck taboos and fuck shame. The shame belongs to the assaulter. #1 priority for me is women & girls.

06/02/2018 05:53:00 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

This of course is meant to say “in sacred and secular spaces” but I don’t want to delete and repost because it’s already been RTd…

06/02/2018 06:03:29 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

Muslim women are caught between a rock and a hard place: between Islamophobes & racists who want to demonize all Muslim men and a community that wants to defend all Muslim men. I wrote about that in light of Tariq Ramadan rape accusations…

06/02/2018 05:56:05 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

It’s imperative to emphasize that I was sexually assaulted during Haj by ordinary man/fellow pilgrim AND also a #Saudi police officer. There is no safety in sacred spaces, from a fellow pilgrim ostensibly there for sacred ritual, from those ostensibly upholding the “law.”

06/02/2018 06:10:44 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

And also: I was in hijab. The way you dress HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL ASSAULT! I wore hijab for 9 years and I lost count of how many times I was sexually assaulted while dressed that way. Men are responsible for sexual assault, not wardrobe.

06/02/2018 06:22:17 WIB
hersla @i_hersla

I have been sexually harassed just a few steps away from the ka’abah No religion can cover the people’s hideousness…

06/02/2018 06:10:10 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

Whenever I share my experience of being sexually assaulted during Haj, fellow Muslim women always have their own experiences to share. My love and solidarity to them all…

06/02/2018 08:18:07 WIB
S. Shaikh @szshkh

@monaeltahawy @jwildeboer I remember being 13, awkward and gangly, but having a man violently grab my flat chest in Makkah, just outside of Haram. At the time I felt like I must have done something bad to be punished in such a manner, but now I know he was just a sick child groping bastard. #MeToo

06/02/2018 08:12:19 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

My love and solidarity with fellow Muslim women who share their experiences of sexual assault during Haj/at religious sites in Makkah or any other sacred space ❤️✊🏽💜…

06/02/2018 08:19:54 WIB
Chaya Bhuvaneswar @chayab77

Absolutely. When I went to Benares (holy city, holiest of), what I really remember is what felt like thousands of male hands reaching for my fourteen year old body. @monaeltahawy Please speak it. :)…

06/02/2018 08:25:19 WIB
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

Love and solidarity @chayab77 - ❤️✊🏽💜 Banares/Varanasi is a holy Hindu city in #India. My full support for all women sharing experiences of sexual assault at holy sites, anywhere…

06/02/2018 08:29:32 WIB
Dr. NOPE @reallyHibbs

@monaeltahawy @jwildeboer When I visited the Jama Masjid in Delhi, the man lending “modest” robes to women touched my breasts. It took me several hours to shake my denial that it had happened. I also don’t talk about it so people won’t use my experience to justify Islamophobia. #metoo

06/02/2018 08:33:28 WIB
Dr. NOPE @reallyHibbs

@monaeltahawy I put “modest” in quotations because it was a brightly patterned robe (hello hadiths?—they specifically say no garish patterns) & he told me I didn’t need to cover my hair (I did anyway).

06/02/2018 08:39:03 WIB
Djenang @ Clause's Protection Brigade @djenanggulo

@monaeltahawy @jwildeboer I was looking for souvenirs for my family. I was accompanied by several other women. And then this man just started to flirt and grabbed my hands tightly. eying me from head to toe and caressing my hand. It happened only a few feet from Nabawi #metoo

06/02/2018 09:02:17 WIB
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