"A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths." this is so beautiful pic.twitter.com/GKhxtzk7cP
carmella @Maddox5525
@WSHHSTAR @ItstraveIvines I melt into tears 😭, such a beautiful, glorious moment!
Tori Ki ✝️ @bjj100
@WSHHSTAR @itsdamnfeling Determination and love. What a beautiful combination.
Cynthia S. Brown @cyndiblaw1
@WSHHSTAR @Claudia37Cleo WOW...don't think I can stop crying😢 The beauty of watching this young man willing himself to walk, and the young lady helping him to achieve that is a testament to true humanity❤️🙏🏼
I. R. Evangelista @ire537983
@WSHHSTAR @cpskins44 The wheelchair guy got a certificate! The woman, who's helping him, looks attractive in that coral pink skirt!
kirwisa matovu @kirwisa
@WSHHSTAR May the good lord protect you dear.... Thank u sweetie


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