Wanita Muda Ini Bantu Temannya Berdiri dengan Kekuatannya Sendiri, Berjalan Sampai Menerima Ijazah di Hari Kelulusannya

Kombinasi cinta dan kepercayaan yang luar biasa

"A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths." this is so beautiful pic.twitter.com/GKhxtzk7cP

04/02/2018 19:45:10 WIB
carmella @Maddox5525

@WSHHSTAR @ItstraveIvines I melt into tears 😭, such a beautiful, glorious moment!

04/02/2018 20:34:25 WIB
Tori Ki ✝️ @bjj100

@WSHHSTAR @itsdamnfeling Determination and love. What a beautiful combination.

04/02/2018 21:07:39 WIB
Cynthia S. Brown @cyndiblaw1

@WSHHSTAR @Claudia37Cleo WOW...don't think I can stop crying😢 The beauty of watching this young man willing himself to walk, and the young lady helping him to achieve that is a testament to true humanity❤️🙏🏼

04/02/2018 22:11:31 WIB
I. R. Evangelista @ire537983

@WSHHSTAR @cpskins44 The wheelchair guy got a certificate! The woman, who's helping him, looks attractive in that coral pink skirt!

05/02/2018 02:00:05 WIB
kirwisa matovu @kirwisa

@WSHHSTAR May the good lord protect you dear.... Thank u sweetie

05/02/2018 03:36:41 WIB


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