Gautam Trivedi @KaptanHindustan
Game of death. King Cobra tried to kill a Reticulated Python but the Python coiled and strangulated the Cobra. Both died. pic.twitter.com/I8g6mempQQ
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@Gotham3 So I guess nobody wins 😋☺☺🤗🤗🤗😎
Aaron Williams @Ayy_Dub
@Gotham3 That's enough dead snake for a belt AND a pair of shoes.
@Ayy_Dub @Gotham3 You'd get nothing lest than 6 pairs of shoes from both snakes.
akash chawla @peaceundrblusky
@Gotham3 @Shrikris8 This can't be fight of hunger, coz Cobra knows he can't eat the Python and Python know he can't eat Cobra.... Both wud have been male, fight of ego 😜 Men need no reason
Gautam Trivedi @KaptanHindustan
@peaceundrblusky @Shrikris8 Snakes eat each other a lot of times. Mostly it is about the game of size. I think the King Cobra got overconfident and met his match.
UberFacts @UberFacts
"King" in a snake's name means that it preys on other snakes.


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