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Wartawan Asing Posting Meme Soal Rizieq Shihab di Twitter, Thread Balasan Netizen Indonesia Ini Sungguh Jadi Hiburan

Wartawan ABC Adam Harvey posting soal komentar Rizieq Shihab tentang penyebab gempa adalah perzinahan.
Adam Harvey @adharves

Pornography exile and accused adulterer Rizieq Shihab says yesterday’s Jakarta quake was caused by ... adultery

24/01/2018 11:30:13 WIB
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#ChinaVirus @ArjunaPutra19

@luviku @adharves kenapa bule ini berani sekali masuk yg bukan wilayahnya ?

24/01/2018 15:16:26 WIB
SNCF @SuaraNetizen_

@ArjunaPutra19 @luviku @adharves Karna "anak buah mereka" tidak becus buat gaduh suasana diindonesia. Akibatnya, dugaan proxy war yg slama ini digembar gemborkan. Kemungkinan benar adanya.

24/01/2018 19:55:31 WIB
Lembaga Informasi Front @LembagaF

@adharves We don't need any question or statemen from your buzzers. I think you should be gentleman enough to face what you tweet. Don't be a sissy ! Maybe we could have a cup of coffee in our office to discuss?

25/01/2018 15:18:59 WIB
Adam Harvey @adharves

@LembagaF I tell you what - you organise a Skype interview for me with Rizieq and I’ll buy you a coffee.

25/01/2018 15:22:40 WIB
Lembaga Informasi Front @LembagaF

@adharves 😂😂😂 I c, so you haven't interview with him yet. How could from whom you tweet his statement yesterday? This is not about coffee.

25/01/2018 15:38:43 WIB
tinderella @dangerbrownes

@adharves @LembagaF Shit I'll sit back and have a cold beer for this broadcast! Make it happen Adam!!

25/01/2018 15:34:37 WIB
Lembaga Informasi Front @LembagaF

@adharves Dear Adam, Can you give us approve that HB Rizieq Shihab yesterday said as you wrote at you twit? Or u just try to misleading reader? We wait your quick response.

24/01/2018 17:38:24 WIB
Tyto 🦉 @tytoalba2012

@LembagaF @adharves Please dont shame-shame-in Indonesia brooooooooo.

25/01/2018 08:15:34 WIB
Adam Harvey @adharves

Getting some cracking online insults today, courtesy of Rizieq Shihab's fan club. A solid 7/10.

25/01/2018 14:42:10 WIB
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コドラート @JustDuwit

@adharves Stop using the hole-less toilet! Go to hole toilet. 😂😂😂

25/01/2018 14:55:59 WIB
Matty Yay!! @matty_yay

@adharves “Go to hole toilet” is my new go to saying

25/01/2018 14:48:33 WIB
badut ancol @havefungomel

@adharves ((U don't him in person)) kamu bukan dia secara pribadi. ..analisa yang tajam kaka uma..😅

25/01/2018 14:58:46 WIB
Jeng Rini GL @Widyarenee

@adharves Be patient, Adam... they dont know what they did. 😊

25/01/2018 14:49:20 WIB


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