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Wow... Makin Mendunia, Iklan Indomie Terlihat di Bagian Belakang Bus di Sydney

Indomie... seleraku...
Max Walden @maxwalden_

Outstanding ad for @Indomielovers in Sydney (on the back of the bus I used to catch to high school)

22/01/2018 19:09:44 WIB
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Aulia Masna @aulia

@maxwalden_ @Indomielovers I’d be surprised if they don’t have a variant ad that asks, “do you like mie?”

22/01/2018 20:30:57 WIB
Max Walden @maxwalden_

@aulia @Indomielovers You should copyright that in Australia RIGHT NOW and watch the dollars roll in

22/01/2018 20:35:31 WIB
🌵🌵 @geagee_

edan yaaa, mi dari Indonesia bisa seterkenal ini di seatero dunia.... luar biasa emang kelezatan Indomi..…

23/01/2018 09:09:20 WIB
Mbak Bulan @ubermoon

Indomie tu satu brand yg gw bilang gak banyak omong tapi lgsg HAP HAP go internesyenel!! Proud. *kemudian masak Indomie*…

22/01/2018 21:04:36 WIB


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