Bawa Ngakak Aja… Ternyata Ini Toh Bukti Bahwa Bumi Itu Bulat yang Bisa Bikin Kaum FE Bungkam

Lucu-lucuan aja yaaa~
Blade_151 🌐 @Blade_151

@TheSarcasmLord @Bobby_Corwin We’re being played, both figuratively and literally.

16/01/2018 12:42:23 WIB
Прохоровка @Prochorowka

@Bobby_Corwin @Vernon_Cross Wait, here's the disprove. It's the holder for the sun and the moon! (Which are somehow inside the atmosphere...)

15/01/2018 15:16:14 WIB
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Прохоровка @Prochorowka

@mrlunarivera @Bobby_Corwin @Vernon_Cross That's how the seasons work. It's not always perpendicular but angles over the year. That influences summer and winter... Duh! (Now I'm not certain anymore if I may be quoting some of those theories by mistake)

16/01/2018 04:17:05 WIB
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Akeda @Level99Kanmusu

@Bobby_Corwin Why would anyone think the Earth is flat? Are they really that desperate for attention and a need to be different?

15/01/2018 23:34:36 WIB


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