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Northern Ireland: Flags, mobs and police injuries

I can't believe this has lasted this long. Or is this July rather than December?
Carál 😷 Ní Chuilín-Nigh do lámha ✊ @CaralNiChuilin

Traders in Belfast, tourism, potential investment, reputation, all damaged & people now fearful of what will happen next from mobs & thugs

08/12/2012 06:42:23 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

600 ppl attending Christmas functions at Newtownabbey Council affected as loyalists burn 2 cars at gate

08/12/2012 06:45:03 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

Car windscreens smashed in grounds of Mill. DUP mayor's Christmas Dinner disrupted.

08/12/2012 06:47:00 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

Newtownabbey council flies Union flag 365 days a year.

08/12/2012 06:48:23 WIB
Belfast News Letter @News_Letter

Fresh violence erupts in Belfast - Headlines - Belfast Newsletter: #unionflag

08/12/2012 06:51:09 WIB
Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI

UPDATE: A total of 4 persons now arrested & 8 officers injured during this evening's serious disorder across Northern Ireland.

08/12/2012 06:52:29 WIB
Carál 😷 Ní Chuilín-Nigh do lámha ✊ @CaralNiChuilin

Spoke to someone who was at Newtownabbey Council at an event when place was attacked by thugs, had to get evacuated from building - pathetic

08/12/2012 07:01:14 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

O'Neill Rd Glengormley blocked. Sporadic rioting. Watercannon. Small Gp of rioters. Larger gp of onloookers

08/12/2012 07:07:03 WIB
Carál 😷 Ní Chuilín-Nigh do lámha ✊ @CaralNiChuilin

@BrianPJRowan Impressed PSNI could get loyalists on phone, they usually turn them off during trouble, esp the ones that are paid workers

08/12/2012 07:07:59 WIB
Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI

UPDATE: A total of 5 people now arrested following this evening's disorder.

08/12/2012 07:08:56 WIB
UTV Live News @UTVNews

Two hurt in 'mob violence' in Belfast - Video: A senior PSNI officer has hit out at loyalist "mob violence" afte...

08/12/2012 07:11:23 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

Six more police hurt in Belfast. Total now 27 this week. Tonight, 5 people arrested ... one of them a 13-year-old boy.

08/12/2012 07:12:40 WIB
Chris Lindsay @chrislindsay_

PSNI: mob violence cannot continue. I am urgently appealing to politicians & those with influence to do what they can to put a stop to this

08/12/2012 07:45:23 WIB
Chris Lindsay @chrislindsay_

Police were attacked in O'Neill Road area of Newtownabbey tonight, petrol bombs and masonry thrown - water cannon used in response

08/12/2012 08:00:40 WIB
Belfast news @Belfast_News

PSNI say rioting continuing on O'Neill Rd in Newtownabbey. Petrol bombs thrown. Water cannon deployed. #belfast

08/12/2012 08:05:22 WIB
Keith Belfast @keithbelfast

Same dickheads who burnt their own bank down a few years ago.

08/12/2012 08:05:51 WIB
Belfast news @Belfast_News

Eight police officers injured and four people arrested during loyalist protests #belfast

08/12/2012 08:12:16 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

Is it possible to plug the gap between UUP leader Mike Nesbitt & Basil McCrea on 1.definition of Britishness and 2. parity of esteem?

08/12/2012 08:18:33 WIB
UTV Live News @UTVNews

Eight hurt in Belfast 'mob violence' - Video: A senior police officer has hit out at "mob violence" after eight ...

08/12/2012 08:21:22 WIB
Belfast news @Belfast_News

VIDEO: Loyalist violence on the streets of Belfast tonight #belfast

08/12/2012 08:23:42 WIB
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Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI

Seven males have been arrested following disorder in the O'Neill Road area of Newtownabbey.

08/12/2012 08:29:24 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

Another night of sporadic violence in Belfast sees hundreds stuck in N'abbey council HQ as cars burned at gates...

08/12/2012 08:43:11 WIB
Belfast News Letter @News_Letter

Fresh violence erupts in Belfast: HUNDREDS of protestors poured onto the streets of Belfast and towns across Nor...

08/12/2012 08:48:54 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

Belfast 2am. Riot tv piece cut, radio voicer left, pics with online, copy filed. Last man standing is leaving the newsroom.

08/12/2012 08:58:20 WIB
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