Lies and the Lying Mediaite Liars Who Tell Them gets caught lying about First Lady Michelle Obama.
redbird45 @redbird45

@PragObots @AP people cant read @mediaite has her saying barack painted her as a angry black women. @AP should be ashamed of themselves.

11/01/2012 21:46:45 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

LIE! MT @mediaite:VIDEO: Michelle Obama tells CBS that her husband is partially to blame for her 'angry' image problems

11/01/2012 22:16:52 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

@redbird45 When you click on the @mediaite link, there's a different title. Still, they told a bold face LIE and should apologize.

11/01/2012 22:18:05 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

@mediaite You're lying. FLOTUS did NOT tell CBS her husband is partially to blame 4 her 'angry' image.U need 2 publicly apologize for lying.

11/01/2012 22:20:14 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

@soalexgoes This tweet links 2 ur story abt FLOTUS interview is a lie As Mediaite editor u need 2 retract & apologize

11/01/2012 22:26:27 WIB
lovelyladypa @whome51obama

@PragObots @redbird45 U see @mediate got the comments they wanted for lying on what 1st lady michelle said

11/01/2012 22:27:30 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

@lovelyladypa @redbird45 @maggyw519 Here's the Twitter acct of author & Mediaite ed.: @soalexgoes She needs to publicly apologize for lying

11/01/2012 22:28:45 WIB
lovelyladypa @whome51obama

@PragObots Thanks either @mediate or @soalexgoes apologize for lying on 1st lady or we the ppl know where to hit them at

11/01/2012 22:29:40 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

@soalexgoes You need to do more than update the post. You need to publicly apologize for that tweet. You told a bold face lie.

11/01/2012 22:29:56 WIB
PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

@lovelyladypa She said "We updated the post". Not good enough bc they intentionally told a lie. They need 2 apologize. @mediate @soalexgoes

11/01/2012 22:30:53 WIB
lovelyladypa @whome51obama

@PragObots Right not good enough @solaexgoes U owe the 1st lady a public apology. The racist comments on your site proved u wanted the lie

11/01/2012 22:32:08 WIB
lovelyladypa @whome51obama

@ladyc10 @PragObots time to take @mediate @soalexgoes down for that crap. They think say anything & not apologize pub will wrk. HELL NAW

11/01/2012 22:33:39 WIB
redbird45 @redbird45

@ladyc10 @PragObots @lovelyladypa @maggyw519 @soalexgoes I caught it earier and called her on it. @pragobots tracked the right person down

11/01/2012 22:34:42 WIB
cjtown @ladyc10

@lovelyladypa @PragObots @mediate @soalexgoes I agree. These folks purposely do BS like this to advance their personal self hated of FLOTUS

11/01/2012 22:35:32 WIB
PS @Pie324

@PragObots c here we go, anything they do r say is embellished...they can't stand seeing a solid, strong, loving black family..can they

11/01/2012 22:36:57 WIB
ᵃ.ᵃ. ᵈᵉ ˡᵉᵛⁱⁿᵉ @soalexgoes

@PragObots If you have an issue with the Tweet that went out as well, you can contact nando (at) mediaite (dot) com and he'll explain.

11/01/2012 22:37:13 WIB
lovelyladypa @whome51obama

@ladyc10 @redbird45 @PragObots its really time to take ppl on like @mediate @soalexgoes they knew the headline was a lie but did it anyway

11/01/2012 22:37:21 WIB
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