Sam Sweeney @SweeneyABC
Because of an unexpected delay, Hawaiian Airlines flight 446 took off in 2018 and will land in 2017. #timetravel pic.twitter.com/A5vesXmjqq
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David Aus @David_Aus
@SweeneyABC @jmartNYT So, we have time travel, but still no flying cars.
Matt DeCample @DeCample
@SweeneyABC @jmartNYT Gotta wonder if the crew ran 10 extra minutes of diagnostic checks to make this happen.
Greg Bussmann @GregBussmann
@davidcraigstl @SweeneyABC That does sound like Lost. Glad I’m not on that flight.
Anna Wallenstam @WALLSTAM
@SweeneyABC @ramzpaul That happens every time a plane crosses the current midnight line - think of it as the border between the kingdoms of 2017 and 2018 - in the wrong direction on New Year’s. In other words, it happens a lot. Still seems to surprise a lot of people every year.
Donna Talarico @donnatalarico
@SweeneyABC When I was a kid, the first time I drove across the country, I kept asking my mom if I'd feel the time change. I imagined we'd drive through some force field, like in the movies where it gets a little blurry as you cross over. #timezone #timechange
Ira Goldman 🦆🦆🦆 @KDbyProxy
@SweeneyABC You could fly the other way and skip the New Year's Eve thing completely. twitter.com/SweeneyABC/sta…
John C. Baker @jcb10
@KDbyProxy @SweeneyABC Yep. I had no Halloween in 2008 because of my late-night flight from SFO to SYD.
Tony Pedley @hammarbytp
@David_Aus @SweeneyABC @jmartNYT We've always had time travel. Its just getting the accelerator and reverse gear working we've had issues with
Steve Biddle @stevebiddle
@SweeneyABC @dairymanNZ Even more impressive is NZ8 that I was on last night. We left NZ in 2017, flew into 2018 and flew back into 2017.
Joseph Watson @jbwatson7
@donnatalarico @SweeneyABC I used to think about things like that. Reality wasn't nearly as much fun.
Snickers @Applejacks1971
@donnatalarico @jbwatson7 @SweeneyABC We have to get older, but you can never make me grow up :)


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