/rlt/ - ON - PATUHI RULES❗ @rlthingy
/rlt/ logan paul kenapa ya? Ga sempet nonton vidnya keburu diapus
/rlt/ - ON - PATUHI RULES❗ @rlthingy
/rlt/ mau nanya dong itu berita logan paul kenapa ya?dia nemuin mayat apa gmn
off @agnez_fan
Logan paul kenapa si? Kudet wkwkwmwk
Scorpio Dhruv @constansjld
What did Logan Paul do? Can’t find any tweets that make sense of what happened.
🌺 @sevennornever
@constansjld He showed the body of a man that hanged himself in the Aokihagara forest and made it the thumbnail of his video

Jadi gini, dia jalan ke Jepang, main ke Apkihagara Forest, tempat yang dikenal sebagai lokasi bunuh diri populer di Jepang. Lokasinya ada di lereng selatan G. Guji di Yamanashi Prefecture. Di sana Logan nemu mayat pria yang bunuh diri dengan menggantung di pohon. Logan merekam temuannya ke dalam video lalu dipost di akun Youtubenya dengan lebih dari 1.5 juta followers. Setelah dikecam keras, dianggap tidak sensitif terhadap trauma internal masyarakat Jepang, dia akhirnya minta maaf.

Di antara jutaan followers, yang “stupid” dengan mempertahankan/menganggap perbuatan Logan tidak salah pun ada.

Reina Scully @ReinaScully
I want you to see this. pic.twitter.com/Rzpw2NmOIQ
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Sarah Buchanan @SarahAnneBU
So these are the type of people that are @LoganPaul fans. Wwwwooooowwwwwww. twitter.com/reinascully/st…
Jacob @Krosect
@LoganPaul This is your fan base. Blind kids that follow you. You're ok with this? twitter.com/reinascully/st…
Antony Ahmed 🦃 Is Hibernating @AntonyTheReal_
@ReinaScully I'm so sorry. This is disturbing. Block out the hate with love though so all love ❤️ twitter.com/reinascully/st…
YungCripps second biggest fan @6uitarl3gend
@ReinaScully @VampyBitme It's called idol worship. These kids are no different than Beyoncé fans. If you made a video about her you'd get this same shit.
Vampy💗HobbyCon_MY @VampyBitme
@ReinaScully And these are probably children he brainwashed :(
Hugo Lopez @Odaigahara_
@ElyseWillems @ReinaScully Quick @elonmusk , hurry up with those colonising Mars plans, I need to leave this planet ASAP.
Hannah @loldudester
@Odaigahara_ @ElyseWillems @ReinaScully @elonmusk No thanks, earth has an atmosphere and internet. Can we send those commenters to mars instead?
Reina Scully @ReinaScully
@Jack_Septic_Eye It really is. But there is clearly more good than bad out there in the world, you being one of them 💚
Jacksepticeye @Jack_Septic_Eye
@ReinaScully Most definitely, always good to remind ourselves to focus on the good instead. And thank you, that's very sweet of you to say! :) Sending positive vibes back your way!
Reina Scully @ReinaScully
I am so grateful for your outpouring of support and sympathy💛 but don’t worry! I’m not hurting. I put this out there because I wanted everyone to see and understand how damaged him and his fans are. And therefore how potentially dangerous they are...
Fast Company @FastCompany
Yes, that Logan Paul suicide victim video violated YouTube’s policies. Here’s why. buff.ly/2EEImLG pic.twitter.com/n9fwYQ66sL
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Kandee Johnson @kandeejohnson
If @youtube isn’t going to do anything to protect children from watching Logan Paul (the children who couldn’t sleep because Logan Paul showed a real suicide victim hanging from a tree) then please share this with anyone who has kids or knows kids who might watch him: pic.twitter.com/pqqwSrikKY
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