Explosion in Derry: cause unknown

Is it a burst tyre, a gas canister, or a bomb?

On Monday, the so-called "peace wall" was vandalised in the city.

In Derry @inderry

Police are investigating how a wall which separates the Fountain Estate in Derry and Bishop Street was damaged a... http://t.co/m5fF8Z4X

09/01/2012 17:54:05 WIB
UTV @utv

PSNI seek pair over peace wall attack: Police in Londonderry want to speak to two people in connection with crim... http://t.co/2YyhqPQw

10/01/2012 02:37:49 WIB
Gareth Wilkinson @Gwilkinson_utv

Residents in Loyalist Fountain Estate in Derry say they feel vulnerable & frightened after a 4ft hole was smashed through an interface wall.

09/01/2012 18:37:10 WIB

And then on Tuesday, it's reported that there was a "loud bang". No one knows what exactly happened. It was already dark, around 5 pm, when the explosion was heard. So the police are going to wait for a while until they can do a full search under a day light.

*sparkyLFC @sparkysegal

@sroo91 was loud but probably nothing its on facebook it is, but u know derry 4 rumours

11/01/2012 00:08:06 WIB
Shauna Rooney 💙 @sroo91

Did a bomb go off in Derry or what ? Heard nothing!! #derry

11/01/2012 00:07:20 WIB
*sparkyLFC @sparkysegal

@sroo91 rumour have it ulster bank clooney terrace waterside but don't take that as fact

11/01/2012 00:10:06 WIB
Warren Keys @wkeys01

Lots of news about a bomb in Derry but no hard facts, anyone seen anything yet?

11/01/2012 00:17:25 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

Loud bang in Derry. Heard across most of city. Initial reports suggest it is not a bomb. Police checking it out.

11/01/2012 00:18:35 WIB
*sparkyLFC @sparkysegal

@wkeys01 pat ramsey on facebook said some kind of explosion between john street and spencer road

11/01/2012 00:20:59 WIB
Warren Keys @wkeys01

@sparkysegal quite residential/busy areas. Thanks for the info!

11/01/2012 00:24:44 WIB
Warren Keys @wkeys01

@beattie41 It seems like there's been something, but as usual twitter and FB are ahead of the official news broadcasts.

11/01/2012 00:21:28 WIB
Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI

Police in Foyle are investigating reports of a loud explosion heard in the Waterside area just before 5pm. No further details at this time.

11/01/2012 00:21:46 WIB
Shauna Rooney 💙 @sroo91

@BBCMarkSimpson all sorts of rumours flying around. Im in the city side and haven't heard a thing. #derry

11/01/2012 00:24:26 WIB
*sparkyLFC @sparkysegal

@BBCMarkSimpson people saying its near bonds street in waterside but wat people don't know they will make up

11/01/2012 00:27:06 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

@sroo91 It was on Waterside. I'm in Belfast. Keep me posted!

11/01/2012 00:29:43 WIB
Dermot #BlackLivesMatter Devlin @castleDD

Hate these days. Texted cousin to ensure he's ok after bomb in Derry. #NotInMyName

11/01/2012 00:29:28 WIB
*sparkyLFC @sparkysegal

Rumours are crazy in, they all guess but it was a loud bang somewhere #derry

11/01/2012 00:29:56 WIB
Chris Hagan @hagan_utv

Pollice say investigating reports of an explosion in Waterside area of Derry.

11/01/2012 00:30:56 WIB
Dermot #BlackLivesMatter Devlin @castleDD

Cousin is unawares of a bomb in Derry. Another Twitter Hoax?

11/01/2012 00:33:57 WIB
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