Paul Bronks @BoringEnormous
A story in four acts. pic.twitter.com/Dykp0PyjCY
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Umen | TukangPonten™ @umenumen
1. Marlina didatangi perampok. 2. Marlina diberitahu bahwa nanti malam dia akan ditiduri oleh Markus dan 6 orang lainnya. 3. Marlina buat sup ayam untuk Markus. 4. Markus mati. #MarlinaSiPembunuhDalamEmpatBabak twitter.com/BoringEnormous…
Deb Murphy @FeckinLife
@BoringEnormous @goonchild4 That’s just beautiful. It’s like a modern day War & Peace but for cats.
penster @pennyhenhen
@BoringEnormous The background caption is appropriate. "Serenity. The future is worth fighting for." It is a satisfying conclusion. They both got something they wanted.
Greenshine @greenshinemusic
@BoringEnormous That is the best crime/revenge drama I've seen in quite a while
K. Graber @secretfirepub
@BoringEnormous @RayRayCoulter ACT ONE: Stasis = Death. ACT TWO-A: Clash between the two forces/cats ACT TWO-B: The other cat wins. ACT THREE: the hero cat changes and becomes different to win against the antagonist cat. I wrote this out to show how four pictures can tell a better story than words.
Helfire @Helodare
@redspactakells @BoringEnormous Felt good to laugh out loud so early in the day!
Dame P @redspactakells
@Helodare @BoringEnormous oh yes.... that was exactly as a boss cat would do......
Fussy Christmas🎄 @FussyFilm
@BoringEnormous Ah, the coveted heated house wars. As the owner of five cats, I know this one well.


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