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Biden My Time

Episode summaries from popular political sitcom, "Biden My Time"
Amber Eeeeeee @rare_basement

Biden My Time theme song, maybe get a cover sung by Joe himself? http://t.co/sZYCfsdw

11/01/2012 04:03:01 WIB
the smart dumbass @boring_as_heck

Biden My Time S01E01 "Pilot" - Joe Biden leaves his job as Vice-President to become an airline pilot. Written by Joe Biden.

11/01/2012 02:18:56 WIB
leckie @verblet

Biden My Time S01E03 - Joe goes to the Cow Palace

11/01/2012 01:20:18 WIB
Louisa 🌈👭 @LouisatheLast

@rare_basement S1Ep8- "Hide and Joe Seek." When the Obamas go on vacation, they leave Bo with Joe- who loses him in the White House!

11/01/2012 01:45:41 WIB
YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟! @NotFaulty

Biden My Time S01E08 - Joe accidentally sends an email with extremely confidential information to his mother in law, wacky blackmail ensues!

11/01/2012 01:38:38 WIB
Lunar Series V @LunarSeriesV

Biden My Time S01E09 "State Secrets" Joe has a problem keeping a secret about Obama's drug use from Michelle.

11/01/2012 04:04:40 WIB
sreegs @ahuj9

Biden My Time S01E10 "The Big Uh Oh" Joe gets lost in New York after craving a slice of pizza, and has to blend in. Cameo by Jerry Seinfeld.

11/01/2012 01:37:54 WIB

Biden My Time S01E11 - Biden attempts to prevent political fallout after he falls asleep during an Obama speech.

11/01/2012 01:21:13 WIB
Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle 2" @PontiusPyrite

Biden My Time S01E11 - Joe suffers a head injury and gets amnesia. He's needed in mideast peace talks, but he thinks he's an NBA star!

11/01/2012 01:31:36 WIB
Space Ghost: Post to Post @ArtBrovera

Biden My Time S01E14 "Scooby Dooby Deficit" Homage to classic cartoon with Joe as a crime solving canine that likes sandwiches.

11/01/2012 03:40:00 WIB
Amber Eeeeeee @rare_basement

Biden My Time S01E14 - Joe has an important meeting with a foreign dignitary but can't stop giggling about a typo in his briefing papers

11/01/2012 01:29:11 WIB
the smart dumbass @boring_as_heck

Biden My Time S01E15 "Say It Ain't Snow, Joe" - A blizzard in DC leaves Joe and a class of 5th graders stranded atop the Washington Monument

11/01/2012 01:53:29 WIB
sreegs @ahuj9

Biden My Time S01E19 - Obama asks Biden to hatch a scheme so he can enjoy a day off as POTUS. Biden discovers the government cloning vats.

11/01/2012 01:31:01 WIB
the smart dumbass @boring_as_heck

Biden My Time S01E22 "The Ties That Biden" - The near-death of a politician brings Washington closer together; Joe goes windsurfing.

11/01/2012 02:10:14 WIB
leckie @verblet

Biden My Time S01E24 - The hilarious season finale. It's budget day in the Oval Office and who's drunk? Joe is. It's Joe.

11/01/2012 01:23:38 WIB

@rare_basement Biden My Time S02E02 "Delaware of It" Hilary is upset Joe keeps showing up to meetings w/ his fly open; no boxers, no briefs.

11/01/2012 01:49:45 WIB
yehoak on june 6th @yehoak

Biden My Time S02E04 - Biden's suit is ruined at the dry cleaner. He finds out that it's how you Dela-wear it that counts.

11/01/2012 01:33:21 WIB
Kristian @Kingsroc

Biden My Time S2E4 'Jorts' It is laundry day and Joe wears shorts to greet a Diplomat from China. Can he find pants in time to avert WW 3?!

11/01/2012 04:01:18 WIB

Biden My Time S02E05 - Joe decides to hold a patriotic barbecue but tensions run high as he forgets to get plates.

11/01/2012 01:39:29 WIB
the ultimate worrier @satellitehigh

Biden My Time s2e07 -- "Biden Dirty" -- Joe finds himself in hot water when his opponents unearth his 'ironic' YouTube rap video

11/01/2012 04:12:10 WIB

Biden My Time S02E07: Joe hatches an elaborate plot for revenge after Lithuania's ambassador steals his donut & invokes diplomatic immunity

11/01/2012 01:33:38 WIB
B’more, B’home @BmoreBaker42

Biden My Time S02E08: Joe attempts to cook the state dinner and accidentally poisons the Premier of Dubai

11/01/2012 01:38:03 WIB
the ultimate worrier @satellitehigh

Biden My Time s2e09 -- "Flow-Joe" -- Joe enters a charity fun-run, but has NO idea what he's getting into! Guest appearance by Usain Bolt.

11/01/2012 04:41:40 WIB
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