Rekaman CCTV Detik-detik Meledaknya Bom Pipa yang Guncang Manhattan New York, Satu Orang Diamankan

Dilaporkan tak ada korban jiwa dalam insiden ini.
Bom New York international Manhattan New York
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NYPD NEWS @NYPDnews 11/12/2017 19:44:07 WIB
The NYPD is responding to reports of an explosion of unknown origin at 42nd Street and 8th Ave, #Manhattan. The A, C and E line are being evacuated at this time. Info is preliminary, more when available.
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Paul Moon @TheNYCMoon 11/12/2017 19:29:18 WIB
Apparently a bomb exploded at 42nd St #PortAuthority about 10 min ago near the @nytimes building.
Breaking911 @Breaking911 11/12/2017 20:15:19 WIB
NYPD NEWS @NYPDnews 11/12/2017 20:34:43 WIB
Update regarding explosion at 42nd St and 8th Ave, in subway: One male suspect is in custody. No injuries other than suspect at this time. Avoid the area. Subways bypassing #PortAuthority and Times Square Stations. Info is preliminary.
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TҽɾíAղղҽ @RealTeriAnne 11/12/2017 19:52:50 WIB
Port Authority explosion reports prompt police response in New York City via the @FoxNews 🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨 Bomb confirmed by Port Authorities in NYC🗽…
Good Morning America @GMA 11/12/2017 20:01:31 WIB
DEVELOPING: - Possible pipe bomb detonated at Port Authority in NYC - One person in custody - Some injuries
#JusticeForTommy @TracyK199 11/12/2017 20:42:13 WIB
@Breaking911 @milford421 No injuries apart from to the suspect. That's what I like to hear!
As the World Burns @account_redact 11/12/2017 20:36:16 WIB
@Breaking911 Something was dispersed...a powder. This wasn’t meant to kill the man, no evidence of shrapnel, & a small charge. Was it an intentional fake with flour or Chem/Bio dispersion? I would clear the area & get a HAZMAT team on site (observations).
MJ🇺🇸 @right_viewpoint 11/12/2017 20:40:49 WIB
@DevilDogSquid @Breaking911 I thought the same thing.. too much white in the air to be smoke- that has to be checked out.
Deanna Lynn @realdeannalynn 11/12/2017 20:46:36 WIB
@DevilDogSquid @Breaking911 Very strange this one, when msnbc immediately calls it ISIS terror attack. Everyone else is ignoring it
neth @fakeneth 11/12/2017 20:49:32 WIB
@GetoveritD @DevilDogSquid @Breaking911 good to see the explosive & terrorist attack experts coming out of the shadows to call this one a conspiracy too
Deanna Lynn @realdeannalynn 11/12/2017 20:55:36 WIB
@fakeneth @DevilDogSquid @Breaking911 I am definitely not a bomb expert. So what was that white powder ?
neth @fakeneth 11/12/2017 20:58:18 WIB
@GetoveritD @DevilDogSquid @Breaking911 I'm assuming thats what you call smoke which is a product of mostly all explosions.

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