Kade Walker @kade_walker
High school: College is no joke, your instructors are very serious and you have to always be proffesional and respectful. College: pic.twitter.com/884KUUfIzl
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Dave Wiltse @DaveWiltse
tfw your words go viral, and your punk student doesn’t cite his source. twitter.com/kade_walker/st…
Nicholas Hurst lost his Mr Lizard costume @Nick_HurstRPG
@DaveWiltse I mean how many Dr. David L. Wiltses who are assistant professors of political science could there possibly be in the United States? On the planet even... How is this not citing you as his source? pic.twitter.com/nQHQciQjy7

Email balesan dari dosen zaman now…

melanie @uhitsmelvnie
@kade_walker when u can joke around with your professor when he misspells endergonic wrong 😂 pic.twitter.com/rjjzBNWikn
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fergiiie @taaayy3
@kade_walker Told a professor I wouldn't be in his class because I was going to the P!ATD concert instead and he told me to bring him a king size Reeses and he wouldn't count my absence. college... what a concept
WEAUXDEE🧚🏾‍♀️ @My_Moment95
@kade_walker @Ayee_its_Aquaa Lmao my one professor gave us her personal number like, “I don’t be checking my emails like that, text me.” Whole time be leaving us on read 😩🤦🏾‍♀️
zuzu @zuzannakins
@caitlinn__starr @kade_walker Lmao i sent my prof a huge email and just got an ok as well once
bree @FinalAdventure
@365daysofvic @caitlinn__starr @sudopsy Totally see what you mean. My deaf professors always reply with one word to my very long emails lol


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