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Nick Monroe @nickmon1112 07/12/2017 09:21:26 WIB
porn star @AugustAmesxxx was found dead. she garnered controversy from social media for being open about her refusal to do sex scenes involving male actors who do men-on-men stuff too. People accused her (witch hunt style) of being homophobic. Cause of death confirmed suicide. pic.twitter.com/XJAg9UZ4rq
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Jon @kaijusoshingeki 07/12/2017 09:24:10 WIB
@nickmon1112 @AugustAmesxxx So in 2017, a woman who does girl-on-girl lesbian scenes can be labeled a homophobe for not working with a man.
Nick Monroe @nickmon1112 07/12/2017 09:35:42 WIB
On the left you'll see what Bruce Beckham actually said to @AugustAmesxxx before she killed herself. On the right you'll see what Bruce Beckham thinks he said, in the light of the fact @AugustAmesxxx committed suicide. pic.twitter.com/0cveTaWLCS
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Mr. Hargis @Buckshotgutshot 07/12/2017 12:51:54 WIB
@Eskewnewsreview @nickmon1112 @AugustAmesxxx Or a junkie, is it discrimination to not fuck them too Now? 🤔
EskewsNewsReviews 🐻 @Eskewnewsreview 07/12/2017 12:54:26 WIB
@RobertPEdmunds @nickmon1112 @AugustAmesxxx Nope...anything that puts your life at risk...well you would be well advised to avoid that thing
Steve @fecklesseejit 07/12/2017 22:36:45 WIB
@nickmon1112 @AugustAmesxxx As per the CDC, highest incidence of HIV is in MSM (26000~). This woman worked in a job where there is a higher risk of contracting HIV/STIs. She wanted to limit the risk by protecting herself whatever way she could. She was not homophobic and shame on those claiming she was.
Steve @fecklesseejit 07/12/2017 22:40:20 WIB
@nickmon1112 @AugustAmesxxx They also pay more for 'bare back' scenes as they sell more and there is greater risk. While stars are regularly checked for HIV it's not 100% effective and there can be months of uncertainty. Maybe condoms weren't an option in some cases so she took other precautions.

Sikap: Ames tak ingin berhubungan dengan lelaki yang pernah melakukan adegan sejenis

imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:29:39 WIB
jadi tadi malem ada kabar august ames, 23 tahun, pornstar, meninggal bunuh diri
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:30:24 WIB
anying 23 tahun, seumuran sama aku -_-
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:46:32 WIB
fyi, august ames di dunia industri porno namanya terkenal bgt. emang cakep doi, ga tattooan, trs ga implan juga, menang berbagai penghargaan padahal masih baru di industri (habis google)
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:48:34 WIB
beberapa waktu yang lalu, dia buat pernyataan di twitter yang intinya dia ga mau kerja sama cowok yang pernah hubungan badan sama cowok, hubungan gay
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:50:33 WIB
alasannya, dia sebagai bintang porno ngerasa kalo harus menjaga badannya tetap sehat, makanya dia ga mau kerja sama cowo homoseksual
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:53:02 WIB
nah, masalah mulai muncul. Lo ngerti kan orang2 LGBT ini kaya apa? orang2 yang dukung LGBT ini sensitifnya kaya apa? mereka ga terima August Ames buat pernyataan kaya gitu
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 18:58:34 WIB
si August Ames minta maaf sama orang2 LGBT ini, intinya August Ames bilang dia dukung LGBT kok, dia ga homofobia, cuma maaf kalo disuruh kerja sama cowo gay, dia ga bisa
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 19:01:01 WIB
orang2 LGBT ini bukannya terima maafnya si August Ames, tapi malah makin menjadi2, di serang lah twitter August Ames, twitwar, sampe ada akun yang nyeletuk "August Ames mending mati aja"
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 19:04:38 WIB
dan kejadian, dari celetukan itu August Ames beneran bunuh diri, coba liat twitternya @AugustAmesxxx tweet terakhir dia tulis "fuck y'all"
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 19:08:10 WIB
@AugustAmesxxx aku punya temen gay, dia bilang dia ga mau disebut kalo perilaku homoseksual dia disebut mental illness, mereka sebut kalo perilakunya menyimpang iya, tapi kalo dibilang mental illness, dibilang sakit dia ga mau
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 19:11:21 WIB
@AugustAmesxxx tapi setelah kejadian ini gw percaya kalo perilaku homoseksual itu mental illness sih
Fany @mutiaistifany 07/12/2017 21:34:15 WIB
@_CALONIMAM @AugustAmesxxx fyi lgbt tdk bs dikatakan mental illness mas (krn dlm psikologi gaada di DSM)
imam @imamprb 07/12/2017 21:39:05 WIB
@mutiaistifany @AugustAmesxxx waduh udah kuduga bakal ada yg bantah anak psikolog lagi wkwk itu kan hasil observasi apa yg aku liat aja fan, teori benernya aku ga ngerti ._.
Fany @mutiaistifany 07/12/2017 21:41:31 WIB
@_CALONIMAM @AugustAmesxxx wkwk i know mas pemikiran org pasti beda2, aku hanya ngasih tau apa yg aku dpt selama kuliah✌🏻
imam @imamprb 08/12/2017 05:02:25 WIB
@mutiaistifany @AugustAmesxxx tapi aku jadi penasaran, sbg org yg pernah belajar psikolog, tanggapanmu ttg homoseksual ini apa?

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