Yass! Akhirnya Ada yang Speak Up Melawan Orang Barat yang Suka Mengolok-olok Rasa & Aroma Durian

Durian enak lho. Aromanya sedep. Mau gue kentutin abis gue makan duren?
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nalisa alia amin @nalisaaa
We get it. Westerners don't like durian. We've seen this type of content way too many times it's getting irritating. Just go and eat your boring apple. twitter.com/thisisinsider/…
INSIDER @thisisinsider
We tried durian to see if it tastes the way it smells. pic.twitter.com/NYnEfXVt3J
시티 누르 귀여워 @_ctrm
@thisisinsider You know what @thisisinsider , you shouldnt disrespect Asian cultures like that and proudly make it a documentary. Think about other ppl's feelings even if u disliked it shouldnt u say it in a way that is nicer?
Denana @DayanaJainon
Can western people ever stop finding ways to disrespect asian cultures and proudly document it? Most importantly, dont ever disrespect the king of the fruits like this ever again. It’s called king for a reason. Delete this. twitter.com/thisisinsider/…
Denana @DayanaJainon
Sigh, I dnt think my notifications will stop blowing up unless I further clarify my opinion (altho I can choose not to): 1. Some questioned why eating durian is an asian culture. Well, culture is a term that carries a broad interpretation. It includes clothing, music, food etc
Denana @DayanaJainon
2. Why I commented the video is disrespectful? It is of course not disrespectful to criticise things that arent to your liking. But there are ways to criticise w/o sounding rude. Here, the manner they express distaste towards durian is in pure disdain. That to me, is disrespect.
Denana @DayanaJainon
Seeing that this tweet is receiving mixed responses, lemme just clarify that this was only an expression of opinion in immediate response to the video. At the end of the day, Insider, myself and everyone who replied to the tweet are merely exercising their freedom of expression.
Pamy @pamyfadzlu
@thisisinsider Western people be like, ✅ lamb's brain , scorpions , bugs, bizarre shit But fuck durians
lil g @darktardises
@pamyfadzlu @thisisinsider what tf kind of westerner gonna eat any of that
dąbrowski @han_dabrowski
MSZ 🇲🇾 @WanFarLee
@thisisinsider @adzlifrds Dont worry. I dont like durian either. Kahkahkah. Mati la woi aku kena pukul ngan orang kampung! 😂😂😂
EugeneCZZ @eugeczzz
@DayanaJainon 1) Its Insider..they’re trying to get genuine reactions out of people..how is it being disrespectful 2) sth that may be a king to us may not be a king to them...3) look up the meaning of ‘culture’..the word you’re prolly looking for is ‘fruit’ lols
azimaimanaziz @azimaiman4212
@DayanaJainon Aku tak rasa dioranv disrespect durian tu tapi mcm disrespect orang yang suka makan durian ... apa yang kita makan tu geli sangat ke doh ... cuba kita pegi jepun makan sushi mentah buat muka geli nak makan diorang pun tak suka ~
イザサラク・ペンデラキステニー・アルリリエール @ItsOneIsaac
@WanFarLee @thisisinsider @adzlifrds Ahahaha tak main la wajib tak wajib adu malaysian yg tak minat durian ni kita panggil celup je😂😂😂😂
myself @_basee6_
@sitiii_akmal @thisisinsider relax, some of them really liked it, not all people have the same taste, and they didn’t respect asian culture they were just describing how it taste! 😕
Dark White Witch @RiniSamad
@_basee6_ @sitiii_akmal @thisisinsider I agree. I am also glad that only we enjoy durian so we don’t have to export it out. Then we could have our durians all to ourselves. Yeah! 😍😍😍 i m getting my D24 durian today. Yummy
Ly!n’ Myenn✨ @Myennnn
@_basee6_ @RiniSamad @sitiii_akmal @thisisinsider Also how is it disrespecting a culture? It’s not a traditional cooking, it’s a fucking fruit that happens to be a part of a culture bc it’s geographic history. That’s it.
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