Twitter Was All A-Flutter Over #WhoShotFitz on Shonda Rhimes' #Scandal

This episode of #Scandal was epic because President Grant was shot and we found out who the shooter was! Like the show, the tweets were epic and her is a sample! Check out for more chirpstories and analysis!
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

Also, join the cast of Scandal for a live-tweet during tonight's season premiere at 10PM PT. Use #AskScandal to join the discussion!

28/09/2012 00:54:51 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

#Scandal fans -- tweet your favorite lines from the show tonight! We'll be RT-ing!

28/09/2012 04:21:54 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

U have no idea! @meralishood how do all the actors & @ScandalWriters keep all these juicy stories to themselves? I would #telleverybody

28/09/2012 09:23:16 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

We time each read-thru! @labgal99 do you time the scripts and see if it can be spoken that fast? How do you get it all in?! #askscandal

28/09/2012 09:23:44 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

We did it! Episode one down! Loving your reactions. Reply here with your favorite lines! Thx for watching!

28/09/2012 13:05:39 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

#Gladiators, check out our Researcher's Blog on the #Scandal ABC website for more info on Olivia's cases!

28/09/2012 13:11:19 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

Episode 2 down! Written by the incredibly talented @HeatherTypes. Hope you guys enjoyed!

05/10/2012 14:16:55 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

Check out Judy Smith's take on last night's episode!!

06/10/2012 05:54:54 WIB
Judy Smith @JudySmith_

Want to know more about Judy? Check out her #WhoAmI on @KerryWashington website - The Hub

17/10/2012 23:16:08 WIB
Judy Smith @JudySmith_

Everyone experiences more than one crisis in their lifetime

18/10/2012 19:22:03 WIB
Judy Smith @JudySmith_

@BESLA_org Honors @JudySmith_ the Inspiration Behind Hit TV Series @ScandalABC at 32nd Annual Conference

19/10/2012 03:21:38 WIB
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

Can't wait for your recap!! @FunkyDineva i can't wait for scandal to come on tonight. i miss being in front of the camera. new video tonight

19/10/2012 04:52:48 WIB
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