(Membayangkan Ini Akan Terjadi Terlalu Buruk) Robot Korban Bullying Kelak Bisa Mengidentifikasi Manusia jadi Sumber Masalah

Video yg memperlihatkan manusia membully robot ini mengingatkan manusia yang membully satu sama lain
🍄Wörm🐇 @BasedDrWorm

discrimintation and abuse in the workplace is NOT okay pic.twitter.com/GKWmu4f3og

28/11/2017 22:19:51 WIB
東雲 なの @PKOctobot

@BasedDrWorm The year is 4017 and robots see this video. That is how the war against the humans began.

28/11/2017 22:24:51 WIB
Da 'Ardest Evil Sunz Big Mek @DaBiggestBigMek

@BasedDrWorm omgg they must top bullying those poor bots THEYRE TRYING THEIR BEST

28/11/2017 22:28:58 WIB
The Real Colonel @AWhiteDevil

@BasedDrWorm "They were designed to solve the problem and adapt to the changing situation. We never thought they would identify the humans as the problem."

29/11/2017 05:01:34 WIB
Hikelos @_Hikelos

@BasedDrWorm @FibulaCrunch In 50 years robots are going to use this video to have us pay reparations.

29/11/2017 07:44:03 WIB
Breezy @Brzxti

@BasedDrWorm The year is 3100 and i'm scared. RobotHitler just hit 4 houses the same way we did a couple years ago.

29/11/2017 10:24:41 WIB
GatsbyGroyper #JWOKE @GatsbyGroyper

@BasedDrWorm I'm getting anxiety watching this This guy is begging to start the human vs AI war

29/11/2017 14:58:44 WIB
🇬🇧Dead Mem 🇯🇵 @basicsnowflake

@BasedDrWorm Yeah keep fucking with the AI. Good job. What could possible go wrong?

29/11/2017 20:20:04 WIB
babibear @babibear2

@BasedDrWorm Suddenly the robot punches the guy with the hockey stick, causing him to drop it. Then the robot picks up the stick and chases after him.

29/11/2017 22:07:34 WIB
Fawkes News @JosephPruitt

@BasedDrWorm They are in training mode. This is to teach them how to handle an unexpected situation. No more abusive than a martial arts class.

29/11/2017 22:47:46 WIB
rachel garza @raykay1376

@BasedDrWorm Yeah im not okay with this...especially the dog robot!! Not cool at all!!

30/11/2017 00:09:31 WIB
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