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A weekly discussion by Irish educators. This week the topic was "Are we giving too much emphasis on technology in the classroom?” The online discussion took place took place Mon 20th November, 2017.
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fboss @fboss
Tonight's #edchatie topic has been decided and it's "Are we giving too much emphasis on technology in the classroom?" Looking forward to seeing you online for the discussion from 8.30-9.30pm tonight
Irish Education News @IrishEducation
Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.
Michelle Breen, ALAI @michelle__breen
From #ClassDojo to @allaboardHE and everything in between it’s a must that educators tune in to this #edchatie in half an hour twitter.com/fboss/status/9…
fboss @fboss
Flex your typing fingers because we start tonight's #edchatie discussion in five minutes time on "Are we giving too much emphasis on technology in the classroom?"
Cara McDermott @caramcdermott
Could I ask some #edchatie folk to indulge me in a little #Slido test? Hope to use it at a conference next week! Looks like a great tool for use in the classroom Simply go to slido.com - the password for tonight is ... edchatie ;) Thanks in advance
Damien Lonergan @languagesdude
Damien here mfl teacher from Waterford . Looking forward to this conversation. It’s well needed #edchatie
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
Joining #edchatie to see if other people think there is too much tech in classrooms. I teach in 3rd level spaces, some filled with dual screens and others with VR goggles.
fboss @fboss
Welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion. As usual, before we begin, please introduce yourself + don't forget to include the #edchatie hashtag in all tweets for the next hour so they can be collated later for the transcript.
Kate Molloy @hey_km
Kate here - Learning Technologist at NUIG. Too much emphasis on technology in the classroom? Yes and #
Damien Lonergan @languagesdude
#edchatie I don’t think there is too much of an emphasis on tech ... I think schools can be uninformed at times when it comes to it and as a result , decisions are made that are not conducive to effective tech use
Miss Duignan’s Class @msduignansclass
@fboss Emily Duignan, teacher in junior infants with a particular interest in wellbeing #edchatie
fboss @fboss
Fred Boss, 2nd level Art teacher, currently with @NCCAie #edchatie
Shane Freeman @O_Saorai
Shane here from the DLD class in UCD. This has been a recurring theme in our classes, so I am eager to hear people's views #DLD_UCD #EdchatIE
Damien Lonergan @languagesdude
There are steps in place to fully support tech use but It can be overwhelming at times #edchatie
Cara McDermott @caramcdermott
@fboss Thanks so much - I was just testing it on my family - and reckoned no better crowd than the #edchatie folk. This is a nice bit of tech in the classroom. Great to allow all to engage. #Slido
Edel Gallagher @edelgal
Hi everyone, Edel here, education officer with @YSInow and educational technology enthusiast #edchatie
Kate Molloy @hey_km
I’m concerned about over emphasis when there are so many other pressing issues, and when tech isn’t used well. #edchatie
fboss @fboss
So, let's begin this hour of #edchatie discussion on the topic of "Are we giving too much emphasis on technology in the classroom?" What are your thoughts?
MiriamBergin @miriambergin
#edchatie Miriam PP Business tchr in Thurles. I think the use of ICT has to have purpose, achieve something that cannot be done without it, or add value for sts. found this link today... bit.ly/2zXbcoE via DCU.
Kevin Foley @FoleyKev
Hi all.Kevin here a Teaching Principal with Irelands first and only Primary School STEAM Room #edchatie
Damien Lonergan @languagesdude
It’s great though to have services like @PDST_TechinEd and @JCforTeachers to support teachers with using tech in the classroom . #edchatie
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