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Madtsoia is an extinct genus of madtsoiid snakes. Which lived approximately 90 million years ago. It was first discovered during the 1930. pic.twitter.com/4cTPqG8KEk
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@StrangeAndLost @Paw_Stories You're sure there's not some still lurking somewhere? Looks like an Amazon area type of snake. They keep finding things they "thought" were extinct.

Gambarnya kurang akurat? (keterangan tentang Madtsoia tapi gambar ularnya bukan Madtsoia? Well, kurang yakin juga, sepertinya twet itu ambil gambar dari sebuah post di Imgur berikut.)

URL Imgur 10 crazy prehistoric monsters Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.


Madtsoia would be the worst nightmare of anyone with a phobia of snakes. Although only fragmentary remains are known, it is claimed to have reached the immense length of 15-20 meters! This creature appeared in the Cretaceous period and possibly dined on dinosaurs. It was similar to today’s boas and pythons in that it was not venomous, but rather squeezed its victims to death using its immense muscular strength.

Wikipedia hanya menggambarkan fosilnya saja

URL Wikipedia 1 Madtsoia Madtsoia is an extinct genus of madtsoiid snakes. It is known from the Eocene (Casamayoran and Itaboraian) of Argentina (M. bai), the Paleocene of Brazil (M. camposi), the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) of Spain (M. laurasiae), the Late Cretaceous of India (
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@StrangeAndLost @officialwed13 Looks familiar... Python eating croc in Mount Isa, Australia 🇦🇺 pic.twitter.com/8mF5Dph547
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