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Kisah Haru Anak yang Dikirimi Bunga oleh Mendiang Ayahnya Tiap Tahun di Hari Ultahnya Ini Bikin Banjir Air Mata

Kisah haru tentang kasih sayang tulus seorang ayah kepada putrinya… hingga akhir hayatnya.
Bailey Sellers @SellersBailey

My dad passed away when I was 16 from cancer and before he died he pre payed flowers so i could receive them every year on my birthday. Well this is my 21st birthday flowers and the last. Miss you so much daddy. 💜

25/11/2017 02:35:30 WIB
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Ryan @ryannastie

@SellersBailey as a father, your story pulled on my heart strings. What I great father he must have been. All the best to you! Thanks for sharing such an emotional part of your life with all of us 😌

26/11/2017 12:02:01 WIB
Philip Thompson @PhilThompson24

@SellersBailey Happy Birthday! What an amazing present! Hope you are doing well!

25/11/2017 10:22:07 WIB
C ✨ @_thatMDgirl

@SellersBailey @voyae_k GODDAMNIT MAN IM CRYING . & the flowers are so beautiful. Happy birthday

25/11/2017 06:46:07 WIB
Diamond Ollis @DiamondOllis

@SellersBailey I love you Bailey & i hope you a beautiful birthday weekend! 💜💜

25/11/2017 08:14:59 WIB
Kathleen McKinley @KatMcKinley

@SellersBailey @thesn0wmexican Maybe this the way he wanted you to take the next step. You’re all grownup and he knew he could get you there.

26/11/2017 00:30:27 WIB
Bailey Sellers @SellersBailey

@thesn0wmexican I know. Every year I looked forward to my birthday because I felt like he was still here with me but this is the last year I get them so it's so heart breaking. 😐

25/11/2017 05:33:21 WIB
zoe @zoe45894749

@thesn0wmexican @SellersBailey Very heart warming indeed pray you get a man who could have same heart as your dad 😘😘

26/11/2017 14:23:19 WIB
jenna @thesn0wmexican

@SellersBailey idk you but seeing this made me tear up, I’m so sorry for your loss, this is both sad and heartwarming that he did that for you

25/11/2017 05:24:47 WIB
Baylee @Hope4RTomorrows

@thesn0wmexican @SellersBailey I also teared up... your father sounds like an amazing person to think of you.. and plan these flowers on your b-day when he was going through his cancer battle. I know it will be hard next year not receiving the flowers. I will pray God comforts you.

26/11/2017 01:20:53 WIB

Kisah haru Bailey diliput media internasional.

Kristel van Heemert @twitkristel

@SellersBailey even in the Dutch newspapers! What a lovely dad you had!!

26/11/2017 07:45:45 WIB
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Silly @Silly_Chico

@SellersBailey ur story touched my heart like many others.@BBCUrdu has published it in our language. Happy birthday to you and best wishes.…

26/11/2017 09:09:15 WIB
Silly @Silly_Chico

@ZeokeSteve @SellersBailey @BBCUrdu Right.The story itself was so true and emotional 😭 it touched the heart ❣ and soul or every father and daughter. BBC Urdu has further conveyed it to almost one billion who speak Urdu language.

26/11/2017 16:35:17 WIB
Steve @ZeokeSteve

@Sillysninia @SellersBailey @BBCUrdu Very nice. Very viral too! The last one has a global impact. What a gift.

26/11/2017 16:32:35 WIB


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