Ed Milliband Game Shows #edmillibandgameshows

Unfiltered... some will be rather rude.
Alex @JudgeDewie
@BLISS4All_UK Oh yes. Thoroughly enjoyed the #EdMillibandGameShows hashtag that sprung out of that ;-)
Nick Clegg @DeputyPM
More popular than Ed Milliband, obviously... #edmillibandgameshows Knightmare
lou @lousaysthings
Hahahahaha they just mentioned the #edmillibandgameshows TT on The Sunday Night Show :D
Andy Davies @aadavies3
Loving the #edmillibandgameshows feed. Favourite: 'The Price is Reich!' My own (poor) attempt: 'The Black Maze.'
Richard Lee @Rich_AKA_Chad
Oh I hate myself for this but "The Weakest Chink" (can't see it but surely has already been said?) #edmillibandgameshows
Naomi McAuliffe @NaomiMc
Sabbagh doesn't quote 1 thing to show it was "political crisis" but does quote #edmillibandgameshows. Because 1 existed and the other didn't
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