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A weekly discussion by Irish educators. This week the topic was "The place for eLearning in schools.” The online discussion took place took place Mon 13th November, 2017.
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Irish Education News @IrishEducation
Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.
fboss @fboss
In 1 hours time on tonight’s #edchatie we discuss “The place for eLearning in schools”. Bring a colleague & join in from 8.30-9.30pm
fboss @fboss
In 10 minutes time on tonight’s #edchatie we discuss “The place for eLearning in schools”. Join in online
fboss @fboss
@AilbheNC Last week's #edchatie transcript on "Formative Assessment strategies" is here -> chirpstory.com/li/374801
fboss @fboss
Flex your typing fingers as it's 5 minutes to the start of tonight's #edchatie discussion on "The place for eLearning in schools”. Bring a colleague & join in online (I think we're on the 280 character limit for the 1st time too)
fboss @fboss
Welcome to tonight's weekly, hour-long #edchatie discussion. This hour will be all about "The place for eLearning in schools." However, before we begin, please introduce yourself and don't forget to add the #edchatie hashtag in all your tweets too
Ailbhe Forde @AilbheForde
Hi all! Ailbhe, Primary teacher in Dublin here. Teaching 6th class and recently completed Master's thesis on the participation of girls in #STEM in primary schools #edchatie
Sinéad Tuohy @GoStressbusterz
Hi everyone, Sinéad in Tipperary - seconded post-primary teacher. Will be double-jobbing as prepping some work here at the minute #edchatie
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
Listening to #edchatie with my third level Moodle framework running on another screen. Using Moodle to deliver four degree programmes.
fboss @fboss
Fred Boss, 2nd Level Art Teacher, currently with @NCCAie #edchatie
Kevin Foley @FoleyKev
Kevin here a Teaching Principal with Irelands first and only school STEAM Room #edchatie
Maggie Green McFadden @MaggieMGreen
Maggie here, I teach in Letterkenny ETNS in Co. Donegal #edchatie
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
@clareire I think educators need to use Moodle (or any VLE) for more than a mere repository or attendance roster. #edchatie
Edel Gallagher @edelgal
Hi everyone, Edel here, education officer with @YSInow and I've a personal interest in eLearning #edchatie
Sandrine Pac-Kenny @sandrinepk
I agree. What is the definition of elearning? What does it mean in our schools? #edchatie twitter.com/topgold/status…
fboss @fboss
@topgold Welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion all about "The place for eLearning in schools”. I'm wondering if Moodle will be the big player tonight or will other eLearning formats be mentioned?
Damien @languagesdude
Sorry I’m late to the party.! Damien , MFL teacher , Waterford #edchatie
clareire @clareire
@topgold #edchatie fully in agreement - had 10 top tools I used to improve learning - it's the key - tech for learning - not consuming
MiriamBergin @miriambergin
#edchatie Miriam Bergin PP tchr, half here tonight, as preparing for video creation with @GoStressbusterz on Transversal skills with our Business students @JCforTeachers
Damien @languagesdude
While I find elearning very important .... not all schools on level playing field yet to accommodate it #edchatie
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