Pekak Lonto @pekaklonto
@EarthBeauties 1. Balinese Gate at Bali Handara, Pancasari, Bali 2. Bukit Campuhan, Ubud, Bali
Juli Harahap @harahap_juli
@EarthBeauties @RealTouchingPic Bali is in Indonesia or Indonesia is in Bali?? 😂😂❤🇮🇩
يـاسـر 🇸🇦 @i_Yasser92
@EarthBeauties Indonesia is a piece of heaven. May Allah bless it and its friendly people. 🌺
MYR @bookalert
@EarthBeauties @TheDIYcrafts Paths leading to heaven. What gorgeous heavenly pathway leading us to the destination. Nature is cared for with love. That's why it cares for you. CARE is such a lovely word. So much goes into it without saying. ! ...#care #nature # picture #scene #photography
Vin @cunyukman
@ThunderX2017 @tikusgod43 @EarthBeauties @arbainrambey Maybe what he trying to say is indonesian temple look like chichen itza, not claiming your chichen itza, we all know what the real chichen itza look like
Vin @cunyukman
@jawadShabir10 @EarthBeauties @DestroyingClip The first picture is the "trademark" of Balinese gateway dude, i can't tell for the second picture. i'm very sure that this picture is from bali island indonesia
Joshua Suherman @jojosuherman
Foto pertama menurut gw sangat Indonesia. Kayak latar belakang ketoprak2 dengan cerita kerajaan Nusantara jaman dulu. twitter.com/earthbeauties/…


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