Foto Wajah Jakarta yang Langka: Siluet Cantik Dua Gunung Menghiasi Pasca Turunnya Hujan

Ada dua gunung tampak di kejauhan, gunung apa hayooo
photography gunung jakarta hujan fotografi
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Ross Tapsell @RossTapsell 14/11/2017 08:12:26 WIB
Jakarta the morning after rain. You can actually see the mountains in the distance
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Maddie Randell @maddierandell1 14/11/2017 11:37:21 WIB
@RossTapsell @AustradeJakarta What a great shot! Definitely don't get those views here in Jakarta Pusat
sans :( @melenguh 14/11/2017 12:41:31 WIB
@RossTapsell itu Gunung Salak atau Gunung Gede Pangrango sih, Ross?
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