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Reactions to the 112th Congress

A compilation of Tweets from notable Republicans and Democrats responding to the swearing in of the 112th Congress.
John Boehner @johnboehner

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to my aides this morning (via @politico)

05/01/2011 03:29:23 WIB
Rep Cliff Stearns @RepCliffStearns

The 112th Congress convenes tomorrow with the swearing in expected around 2:25 PM

04/01/2011 23:22:37 WIB
Bill Shuster @RepBillShuster

The news is starting to break here in DC - Expect debate on health care repeal to begin this Friday.

04/01/2011 23:27:44 WIB
Ted Poe @JudgeTedPoe

The House will convene for the start of the 112th Congress at 12:00 p.m. tomorrow. #tcot

04/01/2011 23:29:37 WIB
Congressman Tim Ryan @RepTimRyan

Will be joining @JohnBoehner as part of escort cmte for swearing in. Hope to work with him to address serious issues facing Ohioans.

04/01/2011 23:29:49 WIB
John Boehner @SpeakerBoehner

Boehner Hails Initiative to Cut the Cost of Congress & Save Taxpayers $35 Million

05/01/2011 13:55:24 WIB
Richard Burr @SenatorBurr

En route back to DC with my family for swearing-in tomorrow. Honored to have the opportunity to serve North Carolinians for another 6 years.

05/01/2011 02:43:25 WIB
Steny (Wear a Mask) Hoyer @LeaderHoyer

If Republicans had it their way and repealed #HCR ,18,000 young Marylanders would lose health insurance through their parents’ health plans.

05/01/2011 01:59:09 WIB
The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Fiscal responsibility? GOP House freshman throwing lavish D.C. party tonight:

05/01/2011 02:17:30 WIB
John Boehner @SpeakerBoehner

Boehner Press Office Responds to Senate Democrats re: Repealing Job-Killing ObamaCare Law

05/01/2011 02:25:31 WIB
The Democrats @TheDemocrats

“GOP’s vote to repeal health care undermines pledge to cut spending” (via @thinkprogress):

05/01/2011 02:26:25 WIB
John Shimkus @RepShimkus

I was able to respond to 118K letters, calls and emails during the 111th Congress. Keep them coming -

05/01/2011 03:25:01 WIB
Steve King @SteveKingIA

The House will pass a clean stand-alone repeal of ObamaCare on Jan. 12th. Hallelujah! A long hard slog but perhaps the end of the beginning.

05/01/2011 03:37:41 WIB
Rep. Rob Wittman @RobWittman

I am humbled and honored to return to Washington, DC, tomorrow to take the oath of office, and to continue...

05/01/2011 04:13:59 WIB
Bill Nelson @SenBillNelson

I think total repeal of the health-care law will hurt seniors and others

05/01/2011 04:11:48 WIB
Rep.George Miller @askgeorge

Dem Chairs to Incoming Republican Chairs: #hcr repeal would cause widespread disruption by a hypocritical process.

05/01/2011 04:26:54 WIB
Tom Latham @TomLatham

Just finished interview with WHO Radio. Listen in to hear my thoughts on health care and the 112th Congress, which kicks off tomorrow.

05/01/2011 04:44:58 WIB
RepBiggertArchive @JudyBiggert

Republicans to live stream opening session of Congress on Facebook tomorrow @ 11AM CT:

05/01/2011 04:55:27 WIB
Michael Burgess, MD @michaelcburgess

First Republican Conference meeting of the 112th Congress. Includes 87 new members. 243 total.

05/01/2011 04:58:41 WIB
Michael Burgess, MD @michaelcburgess

But as Speaker Designate John Boehner reminds us, Democrats still outnumber Republicans in DC. Nothing will be easy.

05/01/2011 05:02:15 WIB
Congresswoman Chellie Pingree @chelliepingree

First "whip question" of new Congress, How will I vote on Republican's plan to repeal health care bill? I will vote no. It's a bad start.

05/01/2011 05:20:24 WIB
Lynn Jenkins @RepLynnJenkins

We are going to see some big changes with a new Republican majority

05/01/2011 05:08:34 WIB
Gus Bilirakis @RepGusBilirakis

Back in DC and ready to start the 112th Congress!

05/01/2011 05:13:17 WIB
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