#WeConnect Session #5 "My Rotaract Life"

The fifth session of #WeConnect where the topic of discussion was My Rotaract Journey~
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Texas Rotaract @TXRotaract
Get ready for #WeConnect in 15 minutes! It's all about YOUR Rotaract Journey!
Rtr.Himanshu @rtrhimanshu
It will be interesting to hear stories all across the globe for creating Peace!! #weconnect
Texas Rotaract @TXRotaract
Last 5 minutes! Let's start with introductions #WeConnect
Texas Rotaract @TXRotaract
Today we'll be discussing YOUR Rotaract Journey. The questions are aimed to let you elaborate as much as possible! #WeConnect
Krubesh @krubesh_login
@UTARotaractClub :Okay , Myself President of @RotaractMargao & Also I.S.D. Of R.I. District 3170 , 2012-2013 i.e. Present Term :) #WeConnect
RAC Oberberg @RACOberberg
Hello again! I'm Caroline, President of #RACOberberg, #Germany. Nice to meet you all again! #WeConnect
Gautam Lulla @gl_5
Rtr. Gautam Lulla, District Chairman- International Service & Sports @rotaractmumbai #Intro #WeConnect
Krishna @kay_tee07
Rtr. Krishna Thaker, Partners In Service Director and Social Media Manager, @bombayfilmcity RID 3140 @rotaractmumbai #WeConnect
@UTARotaractClub Hi, I am the secretary from @numrotaract mongolia and District3450. #weconnect
Maida Ali @maidaali
Rtr. Maida Ali, Director of Intl. Services. RID 3272 #WeConnect from Rotaract FCC

Question 1

Texas Rotaract @TXRotaract
Q1: How did you first find out about Rotary, Rotaract or Interact? What was your overall impression? #WeConnect


Rtr.Himanshu @rtrhimanshu
Q1. Mine was through a rotaract activity in my society!! #weconnect
Rtr.Himanshu @rtrhimanshu
Q1.I was so motivated by the work they were doing that I eventually joined them #weconnect
Texas Rotaract @TXRotaract
@rtrhimanshu *hinthint* Organizing events in the community is a great way to recruit new members! #WeConnect
Rtr.Himanshu @rtrhimanshu
@UTARotaractClub it sure is..our annual project is based on that idea..its an award winning project #weconnect
Krishna @kay_tee07
@rtrhimanshu Seeing others and getting motivated! That's how I remained in the movement too! :) #WeConnect
Dulitha @dulithanw
@UTARotaractClub @rtrhimanshu: Aye ! We've always had numbers when it comes to Community Service projects, it bonds the members #WeConnect
Roshni Lachhwani @roshnilachhwani
@UTARotaractClub #WeConnect was a member of an Interact Club in School though unaware of Rotaract. I was introduced to Rotaract by a friend.
Roshni Lachhwani @roshnilachhwani
@UTARotaractClub #WeConnect I was very impressed by the professional conduct. Made a successful attempt of being a part of it and here I am!
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