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Dari Arti Matematika Hingga Psikologi, Inilah Berbagai Macam Definisi Ciuman Berdasarkan Ilmu Pengetahuan

Ciuman memiliki arti yang berbeda jika dilihat dari sisi ilmu pengetahuan
nin @smullkitten

@yeahmahasiswa In medical lab : Its a procces to transmitted infection diseases

29/10/2017 14:06:02 WIB
🦄 @psyjoylcgist

@yeahmahasiswa in Psychology: an expression of psychological closeness to express and reinforce feelings of trust, closeness, and intimacy with another.

29/10/2017 14:11:09 WIB
yulius @ylshryd_

@yeahmahasiswa In international relations : Kiss is one kind of conflict resolution between 2 stakeholder

29/10/2017 14:18:05 WIB
Yulia_Fitri @yuliaaafitriii

@yeahmahasiswa In english: kiss is a way that describing feelings more than language it self.

29/10/2017 14:24:43 WIB
Gilang Assyifa Suwandi @gilangassyifa

@yeahmahasiswa In dentistry : process of transferring streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas gingivalis 🤢

29/10/2017 14:42:00 WIB
Tyas Hilda @tyashildautami

@yeahmahasiswa In Linguistics: Kiss is a kind of gesture of non-verbal language between two people to communicate.

29/10/2017 14:46:04 WIB
🍟🍔 @a_viduck

@yeahmahasiswa In Communication Science : Kiss is simply way to communicate how personal could be in love or in lust just by the sigh

29/10/2017 15:03:38 WIB
Laniakea ✨ @fairlyprairie

@yeahmahasiswa In architecture: The tectonics of different masses colliding in juncture to form a sustainable structure.

29/10/2017 15:20:35 WIB
Nurhayati @nurnuey

@yeahmahasiswa In Communication: It is communication non verbal the way people tell that they like each other.

29/10/2017 16:22:06 WIB
V i o | Pakai Masker dan Rajin Cuci Tangan @viorei_

@yeahmahasiswa Legal definiton of kiss: A legal action which allowed the lips of two private parties to meet based on affectionate agreement.

29/10/2017 16:36:55 WIB
Memfijarkan Indonesia @MF_Lazuardi

@yeahmahasiswa In History: It is the second most ancient method to realese the eros between two individuals.

29/10/2017 17:12:00 WIB
Sarah Hasibuan @detektifkucing

@yeahmahasiswa Industrial Engineering : when two entities in a system decide to have a relationship via physical communication.

29/10/2017 18:09:46 WIB


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