Apes, Gara-gara Putrinya Unggah Video Ilegal tentang iPhone X, Karyawan Apple Langsung Dipecat

Tingkah netizen zaman now di medsos bisa bikin ayahnya sendiri dipecat.
Megan Morrone @meganmorrone

Brooke Peterson beat everyone to the iPhone X. I am very proud of Brooke and I hope her dad doesn't get fired. reddit.com/r/apple/commen…

25/10/2017 03:38:30 WIB
Susi @MissSUZz

iPhone X screenshots via Youtuber Brooke Amelia Peterson. pic.twitter.com/wz9S5nb3tU

24/10/2017 21:26:06 WIB
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Chris Ball @chriswb

@meganmorrone If he has the iPhone X I am sure he signed some terms

25/10/2017 03:56:37 WIB
KingRupert @KingRupert845

@meganmorrone Proud of her? Yeah GREAT job. Got your dad fired and blackballed amongst the industry. Two thumbs up! SMDH

29/10/2017 06:19:09 WIB
Benar saja, pemecatan tersebut ternyata terjadi.
Rory Sykes @rorysykes

Apple engineer Ken Bauer fired after his daughter posted the video of her with the iPhone X inside Caffé Mac.

29/10/2017 03:17:56 WIB
Video aslinya yang diunggah oleh Brooke Peterson di kanal YouTube-nya sudah dihapus, namun salinannya sudah terlanjur beredar.
Tom Warren @tomwarren

Apple fired an iPhone X engineer after his daughter’s hands-on video went viral theverge.com/2017/10/28/165… pic.twitter.com/2BUPfXT6As

29/10/2017 04:59:50 WIB
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URL The Verge Apple fires iPhone X engineer after daughter’s hands-on video goes viral Apple has reportedly dismissed an engineer after his daughter’s iPhone X hands-on video went viral on YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson published a vlog earlier this week, which included a trip to... 10 users 18354
Redmond Pie @RedmondPie

Apple Fired The Engineer Whose Daughter Posted iPhone X Hands-On Video From Caffè Macs At Apple HQ dlvr.it/Py5H95 pic.twitter.com/ot1ieIxNue

29/10/2017 05:18:08 WIB
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Brooke Peterson mengonfirmasi pemecatan ayahnya ini di video lanjutannya.
Ricc T @RiccRockets

Daughter of Apple Engineer gets her Dad sacked because she makes illegal video of #iPhone X Then says, My Dad takes full responsibility #WTF

29/10/2017 07:19:44 WIB
Ricc T @RiccRockets

Here is the video. Just don't get why she thinks it's her dad's fault. #WTF youtu.be/XQzGKwjr_js

29/10/2017 07:21:51 WIB
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Thread @limitedthread

@bob_burrough That sucks but man I don’t even work for Apple and know that was such a dumb move

29/10/2017 02:14:44 WIB
Opaque @iPhonist11

@bob_burrough Just a dumb dumb girl doing what she was not suppose to do. Exposing a unreleased product, her hair matches the mindset.

29/10/2017 02:45:19 WIB
Pemecatan Ken Bauer jadi pro-kontra netizen.
Dwight 'The Masktivist' Silverman @dsilverman

Apple engineer’s daughter takes video of iPhone X post-keynote in Apple cafeteria. She puts it on YouTube. He gets fired. Really, @tim_cook? twitter.com/KevinCTofel/st…

29/10/2017 03:56:32 WIB
Mark Wickens @mwickens

@dsilverman @tim_cook You're a tech journo? Does the phase “doubling down” ring a bell? No other outcome was possible. Both the employee and you should know that.

29/10/2017 05:19:23 WIB
Dwight 'The Masktivist' Silverman @dsilverman

@mwickens @tim_cook I’m a tech journo, but I assume Apple's sophisticated enough to know it’s not a 1-or-0 world. Firing is not the only recourse. And certainly not worth the PR pain it’s about to cause.

29/10/2017 05:21:52 WIB
Kenny @kennethawesome

@dsilverman Apple did no wrong here. I don’t think camera is allowed inside the cafeteria let along on YouTube.

29/10/2017 06:08:49 WIB
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