Enak Juga ya Lagunya....Single Terbaru Agnezmo "Damn I Love You"

Pop Crave @PopCrave

The music video for "Damn I Love You" by AGNEZ MO is out NOW! #DamnILoveYou Watch here: youtube.com/watch?v=g_Cy-Z… pic.twitter.com/tvOFQCWIk1

26/10/2017 21:19:09 WIB
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rioaditomo @rioaditomo

Damn I Love You MV is now live on YouTube! Let's dance happily with this feel good song by our Queen @agnezmo. youtu.be/g_Cy-Z0new8 pic.twitter.com/CcghzFxfCe

26/10/2017 21:31:08 WIB
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iCOK @piscok99

@agnezmo This is part about happines Mo', and I love It babes!!! pic.twitter.com/2AUCGo9URU

26/10/2017 21:29:05 WIB
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PERRY MAJESTY @kpmajesty

@luislovesari @PopCrave @agnezmo Well she’s a legend in Indonesia and a diva in Asia! You should try to listen to her newest album, “X”! You’ll love it! 💜 @agnezmo

26/10/2017 21:31:26 WIB
Idris Danuarta @idrisdanuarta

@agnezmo Selamat @agnezmo bangga bgt, sebgi orang Indonesia kamu menunjukan keberanian mu..saluuuutttt...

26/10/2017 21:27:05 WIB
ً @worsttaylorstan

@adambisamu @arkhazyo @PopCrave @agnezmo omg yas please watch the mv when it comes out💖💖

26/10/2017 21:33:03 WIB
Fab @folklordsrep

@guna_rio @PopCrave @agnezmo Ohhh new artists? She looks so pretty tho 😍

26/10/2017 21:37:23 WIB
𝙂𝙪𝙣 @_gunaa

@Sextingharold @PopCrave @agnezmo Yas shes from Asia. Now tryin debut in US as a new comer. If you dont mind, please check her new music video “Damn I love You” 🙏🏼🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/01rhPs79Ym

26/10/2017 21:41:01 WIB
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