Kekejaman Tradisi "Adu Bagong" dari Indonesia jadi Perhatian Media Internasional

viralnow ajplus media ADU internasional tradisi bagong Indonesia
AJ+ @ajplus
Campaigners are trying to stop dogs from fighting boars in Indonesia. But local residents say they want to protect their tradition.
TomoNews ID @TomoNewsID
Kekejaman adu bagong, jadi perhatian media internasional dan pemerintah Indonesia
#INAelectionObserverSOS @indraberkata  Media asing menyoroti tradisi adu bagong (dugong) yang berada di Kecamatan Majalaya, Kabupa……
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ً @itswazzz
@ajplus that’s not tradition, that’s animal abuse and has to be stopped at any cost. humans are really disgusting
animal sleeping @azkarazali
@ajplus tradition on my ass. stop this madness indonesian ppl for fuck sake
hy! @bysgara
@ajplus aj+ sampe bikin dokumenter "adu bagong"
Caption Obvious @CaptionObvious0
@ajplus Amazing what can be justified with "it's part of our traditions"


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