Susahnya Jadi Anies Baswedan, Ke-gep Quote Kata2 Romantis yg Ternyata dari Komposer Gay, Netizen Riuh

Yhaa pak... resiko jadi orang nomor satu lah ya.
Ananda Sukarlan @anandasukarlan

Pak, u should know history. Franz Schubert the Austrian composer was possibly gay and he died of syphilis.…

18/10/2017 12:35:19 WIB
koro @koroisthebest

@anandasukarlan @imanbr Mas Nandddaaaa teganya 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

18/10/2017 15:56:01 WIB
Aisyah Yudi @siaisy

@anandasukarlan What??? Berarti wife nya Franz lakik dong???🙀

18/10/2017 19:09:58 WIB
amidiana araminta @aramintaaa

@anandasukarlan Simalakama emang jadi orang penting ya apa2 diomong 😕 indeed, baik jadi orang penting. Tapi lebih penting jadi orang baik.

18/10/2017 17:06:58 WIB

Dari majalah online “Mardi Gras”
(Mardi Gras adalah nama festival untuk LGBT Pride di Australia)

Musical Muscle
Schubert is undoubtedly one of the greats, and possibly the finest songwriter that ever lived. In less than 32 years, he came up with over 600 lieder, nine symphonies, a fair number of masses, quite a few operas, a magnificent body of chamber music and some exceptional piano works. Under-appreciated in his own time, Schubert is seen today as one of the leading geniuses of the romantic period. His style, which broke from classical form to explore a more freely rhapsodic compositional method, influenced Mendelssohn, Schumann and Brahms and he’s frequently cited as key to the development of generations of songwriters from Mahler to Britten.

Out and Proud?
A contentious one, Herr Schubert. Despite suggestions that he was a woman chaser in his youth, many musicologists consider that there is evidence, particularly in the songs, to suggest that he was erotically attracted to men – the accompanist Graham Johnson, for example, is in no doubt. His room mate for some years, Johann Mayrhofer, was certainly gay and Schubert was most definitely attracted to Mayrhofer’s poetry, much of it laced with homoerotic references. Songs such as Ganymede, in which a randy old God carries off a pretty young lad who cries “Ich komm’, ich komme!” certainly seem a little on the pink side. Throughout the 1820s, Schubert was part of a close-knit circle of exclusively male artists and students whose social gatherings became known as "Schubertiads". So that proves it then.,the-10-greatest-gay-composers-mardi-gras-special.aspx

Achmad Benbella @benbella_ia

@anandasukarlan @imanbr Pak Anies didukung kelompok yg anti LGBT, ngequotes tulisan orang LGBT, sungguh wadaw sekali bapak ini 😂😂😂

18/10/2017 16:02:43 WIB

Lho... ngga papa dong?

Juman Rofarif 💥 @JRofarif

@anandasukarlan lho, itu bukti gubernur anies berpikiran terbuka.

18/10/2017 15:57:51 WIB
Juman Rofarif 💥 @JRofarif

@minase_nayuki @anandasukarlan lah iya.. gak setuju dengan perilaku ke-lgbt-an gak kemudian harus menolak hal positif dari orang gay.. gitu kan, kak. terbuka aja.

18/10/2017 16:18:26 WIB
Kev @Kevoktodef

@anandasukarlan @ekafajrian Yha kalau gay quote nya yg ga bole di pake gitu kan berarti skrg aku tak boleh lagi mendengarkan lagu2 queen

18/10/2017 18:09:04 WIB
Lisa Lionheart @indiradev

@Kevoktodef @ekafajrian @anandasukarlan well, American Psychiatric Association udah nyabut homosexuality dari Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders sih

18/10/2017 20:32:58 WIB

Mat bertugas aja deh Pak Anies

Anies Baswedan @aniesbaswedan

Happy is the man who finds a true friend & far happier is he who find that true friend in his wife ~Franz Schubert Selamat pagi Teman-teman.

16/10/2017 09:04:56 WIB
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juminten @Gyoucancallme

@aniesbaswedan aku gak memilih sampeyan dan kurang suka dengan sampeyan. Tapi Selamat menjadi gubernur. Semoga sampeyan menepati semua janji sampeyan.

16/10/2017 09:09:25 WIB
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