Ada Lagi, Kini Banner Super Lebar Bertuliskan "Terpilihnya Anis Sandi Simbol Kebangkitan Pribumi Muslim" Hangat Dibincangkan

Warga luar pun tak luput membahas ini.
aniessandi pribumi muslim viralnow banner
Adam Harvey @adharves
Mega banner for Jakarta inauguration party says: 'Anies' election symbolises the revival of native Muslims'.
michel agus @michelsumampow
@adharves Baswedan clan is not native. It's from Arab.
Ligwina Hananto @mrshananto
Pidato mungkin diplintir di luar konteks. Kl spanduk sepanjang Balai Kota penjelasannya apa?
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Ella Meilia @ellameilia
@adharves Ada banner kaya gini... ? Ngga tau harus ngomong apa
gitaputrid @gitaputrid
You cannot unsee it as presidential material, can you, NKRI-ers?…
Lilo Lee @liloo92
@adharves they never realized enough indonesia was not only lived by moslems. but the other religion like catholic, buddhist as well.
ARI MURTONO™ @RealForJokowi
@adharves Non-indigenous references only to ethnic Chinese, whereas non-indigenous Arabs also live in Indonesia. Then which is non native?
Rick NS @dumbochan_
@adharves Minorities, it’s a time to get out from Indonesia 😛 get other citizenship
Dan Murphy @bungdan
@TomPepinsky If "pribumi" ever meant, in practice, of no foreign descent, hasn't as long as I've known Indo (Bakrie etc rode that racist pony happily.)
Tom Pepinsky @TomPepinsky
@bungdan yeah, I know. It's so transparently anti-Chinese in practice.
Grad School Imposter @darinself
@TomPepinsky If he's gunning for the presidency are we basically going to see him and Prabowo duke it out over pribumi identity appeals?
Tom Pepinsky @TomPepinsky
@darinself possible. I don't like to imagine how that goes.
Grad School Imposter @darinself
@TomPepinsky That's why I ask. I hadn't imagined Anies gunning for 2019 until I read your post and agree with your interpretation of his speech.
Grad School Imposter @darinself
@TomPepinsky If this version of Anies and Prabowo is what we're looking at in 2019 that could be very ugly.
SML @sonnylalwani
@TomPepinsky The full banner reads The revival of white-robed militiamen and Indonesian(Arab wannabe) "clerics"...
Marzuki Mohamad @killthedj
Terakhir aku menuliskan Mei ‘98, beberapa bulan setelah itu aku hapus. Sore tadi di rolling door aku tuliskan kembali “milik pribumi”
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