Yelling about Eternal Law filmed in York

New TV Drama Eternal Law will be screened tonight on ITV. Filmed in the city of York it is all a twitter
Nigel Metheringham @nmeth

Somewhat scary how much the hype machine is churning out for Eternal Law in York media [no this is not a sponsored tweet]

05/01/2012 16:47:01 WIB
Super Break @SuperBreak

Look out for some famous #York landmarks in tonight’s 1st episode of Eternal Law, we are hoping to spot some local faces!

05/01/2012 16:44:27 WIB
Rachel Burns @RachelBurns8

Eternal Law 9:00pm tonight ITV1. Filmed entirely in York.

05/01/2012 17:02:41 WIB
CultBox @CultBoxTV

#AshesToAshes co-creator Matthew Graham introduces his new show, #EternalLaw, which starts tonight...

05/01/2012 15:19:18 WIB

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David Swallow @davidofyork

Watched last night's Eternal Law. Great to see York but it felt like something from the post-Newsround/pre-Neighbours slot (back in t'day)

06/01/2012 18:41:03 WIB
David Swallow @davidofyork

I predict Eternal Law will do for York what Morse did for Cambridge.

06/01/2012 19:01:32 WIB
Lookaburra NorthEast @LookaburraNE

#nyorkshire York backdrop to plague ebook: YORK is the star of a new TV series, Eternal Law, which goes out on I...

05/01/2012 15:43:21 WIB
me @SuzeBx

RT @ITV: Find out more about our brand new drama, Eternal Law, here

05/01/2012 06:03:30 WIB

DTN UK: Eternal Law, ITV1 - 9pm: Even though it’s made here, there’s something about this series that feels like...

05/01/2012 07:32:05 WIB
citycruisesyork @citycruisesyork

York based series Eternal Law starts tonight at 10pm. Featuring many YorkBoat locations and one of our RedBoats.

05/01/2012 16:18:43 WIB
Rachel Winter @profpieface

@boydhilton Did you like Eternal Law? I thought it was great (and v funny). Good to see a properly good actor on telly too.

06/01/2012 19:06:25 WIB