Warna S=sepatu ini menimbulkan perdebatan di dunia maya, ada yang melihat warna pink dan putih atau warna hijau dan abu-abu.

Bryan Daugherty @BDorts
It’s happening again. Do you guys see the shoes as pink and white or turquoise and grey? pic.twitter.com/0achjHd8mg
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☆BL€SSED☆™ @OGkurrrsh619
What color are these shoes?? I see grey and light blue my girl sees pink and white?? pic.twitter.com/JUxWxFoMRW
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Ada yang bilang pink

Ada juga yang bilang abu-abu

Namun ada pula yang bilang dua-duanya

Ellie O'Donnell @missellie_o
First off I could only see grey & mint colour, now I can only see pink & white?! WTF pic.twitter.com/QIoP8PJDWm
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alivia latimer @alivialatimer
@BDorts turquoise & grey but my whole family just said pink & white & i am so confused???
Isha @A_Sass_InaShawn
@taetrbI I SWEAR I CAN SEE BOTH JKJSHAKA Till yesterday it was blue and grey and now it's pink and white
Berty Mandagie @bertymandagie
@BDorts Holy crap... pink and white was my first reaction. Now I see both..

Mungkin ini penjelasannya

wFreaKy @FreaKyCoD
Proof that the shoe is blue and grey (I thought it was pink and white & ignore my snoring Pugs in the background 😂🐶) pic.twitter.com/1lTqJog5ol
alisha @zjmah
THE REAL SHOE IS PINK & WHITE OKAY⁉️ The second pic was with flash & darkened, so it looks teal & gray. (depends on what lighting ur in) pic.twitter.com/FlbO3OEEuC
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