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Cina emang gudangnya tren2 unik. Setelah pegang payudara dari belakang dan tantangan mengapit pulpen di bawah payudara, kini ada "Heart Shaped Breast Challenge"!!

Time for another Boob Challenge!
dummie @dumbfoundead 10/10/2017 04:41:34 WIB
Apparently this is a new trend in China. Almost everything banned over there but titty hearts are cool. pic.twitter.com/wTOQQ4weMr
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Johnny Charisma @RaisRzk 11/10/2017 11:43:49 WIB
yall better pick this trend up im tired of that small ass thumb hearts shit twitter.com/dumbfoundead/s…
Irael Varane (Itø) @iraeluna 23/08/2017 18:38:02 WIB
Y ustedes ya hicieron el Heart-shaped breast challenge? pic.twitter.com/mHSZXwHuCl
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Enigma @xLg_Enigma 11/10/2017 09:52:15 WIB
@hadrianswaffle @fuglydani @dumbfoundead I've always wondered how people( mostly women) can show pretty much their whole breasts but not the nipples and it be totally ok
Maddie C @A_Orosco_ 10/10/2017 05:09:48 WIB
@dumbfoundead I'm having ghost pains in my nips just looking at this
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Sammy Lachosta @sammy_lachosta 13/10/2017 07:40:58 WIB
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