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Dare to Fail, Try Something New

Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein

19/06/2012 17:00:19 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

This quote has become an inspiration in my life.

19/06/2012 17:05:19 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

In fact I did something really new to me last Friday in Jakarta.

19/06/2012 17:10:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

It was challenging yet it turned out to be a fun day and I learned so much from the activity I did on Friday.

19/06/2012 17:15:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

I have always believe that we shouldn't ever hesitate to try something new just because you’re afraid to make mistake.

19/06/2012 17:20:19 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

When we were kid, do u still remember how we fall for the first time we learned to ride a bike?

19/06/2012 17:25:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

I fell so many times but I kept trying until I lost the training wheels. You did too, didn't you?

19/06/2012 17:30:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

See, the failure then made us learn to figure out ways not to fall again.

19/06/2012 17:35:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

This motivate us to explore new ways we never done before, to avoid falling for the second time

19/06/2012 17:40:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

And when we fall again, it drives us to explore more ways, until we finally made it.

19/06/2012 17:45:19 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

Never be ashamed to admit our mistakes. Note them, understand and learn from it

19/06/2012 17:50:19 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

Stand up and try to fix those mistakes. Consider the mistake we made as a learning process.

19/06/2012 17:55:18 WIB
Brandon Chia @BrandonHDI

Never afraid to make mistakes, because those mistakes are helping you to be a better person.

19/06/2012 18:00:18 WIB