Momen2 Istimewa Youtuber Casey Neistat Selama di Jakarta, Kocak Saat di Atap Gedung

Youtuber kondang Casey Neistat menjadi salah satu pengisi IdeaFest di Jakarta Convention Center. Ia nampak bergembira dengan petualangannya selama di Jakarta

Youtuber AS, Casey Neistat berada di Indonesia, untuk mengisi IdeaFest. Selama itu, Casey sempat membagikan momen-momen menariknya di Jakarta lewat Twitternya.

Casey Neistat @Casey

i need someone to take me running tomorrow in Jakarta. looking for 8-10 miles at a quickish clip. please lmk that you can run fast + far

06/10/2017 02:01:24 WIB
Casey Neistat @Casey

that guy there is the president of Indonesia. we're super tight

07/10/2017 01:38:00 WIB
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Casey Neistat @Casey

I asked the hotel guy where I could fly my drone!!! #IDEAFEST2017

06/10/2017 09:48:30 WIB
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Casey Neistat @Casey

ok INDONESIA I have 1 day in Jakarta.. what do I absolutely have to eat?? #CaseyInJakarta

06/10/2017 12:05:05 WIB
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Casey Neistat @Casey

I'm fine this is fine everything is fjne. DO THEY NKT HAVR TRAFFIC LAWS HERE!!?!

06/10/2017 11:13:54 WIB
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Ahmad D. Ramadhani @diyoyid

heeeeiii @CaseyNeistat i saw you from the bus, and just freaking out from there!!

06/10/2017 15:44:07 WIB
Casey Neistat @Casey

this is incredible. I look so happy/lost (for the record I was both)…

06/10/2017 15:47:32 WIB
james @tradingwalnuts

@cfuentesE_S @diyoyid @CaseyNeistat Based on the supreme bag, clothes, camera and face I'm almost certain that is.

06/10/2017 15:50:23 WIB
Ryan Ramadhan @ramaaddryan

@diyoyid @CaseyNeistat Fuuuucckk why did you so lucky to saw him from the bus 😂😂😂

06/10/2017 21:14:12 WIB

@diyoyid @CaseyNeistat SHEEETTT U SAW HIM OMG UR SO LUCKY tbh you look all fine Casey

06/10/2017 18:10:48 WIB
Weeve @_superman_

@diyoyid @CaseyNeistat Looks like you’re loosing at mario carts!

06/10/2017 18:38:48 WIB
zaky @_zky

@diyoyid @CaseyNeistat HAHAHA, doi bingung banget kayaknya, celingukan gitu

06/10/2017 16:21:58 WIB
Good Lilith @ardaneswari

@diyoyid @CaseyNeistat Casey you seemed confuse, welcome to Asia Casey 😂

07/10/2017 11:58:11 WIB


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