Casey Neistat merupakan Youtuber/vlogger dengan 7,9 juta subscriber yang juga filmmaker. Saat ke Indonesia, Casey bikin heboh dengan mengajak followersnya lari pagi di Jakarta.

Casey Neistat @Casey
that guy there is the president of Indonesia. we're super tight pic.twitter.com/lUPV5B6moF
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Wzy🔥 @Wzy_E3
@CaseyNeistat Your friends with political figures? Casey Neistat for President 😱
Rizky Fachrido @fachrido
@CaseyNeistat I hope you've enjoyed your time in Jakarta, come back soon!
Josh Currier @jcurrier922
@CaseyNeistat Is it just me or does the president of Indonesia look like Gilbert Gottfried in this picture.
Oh Boy @ohboyitssummer
@CaseyNeistat Caveman finally out of the Indonesian Jungle (2017) 💐
MED @MedioTech
@CaseyNeistat Casey x Jokowi BOOM!? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
ALBRTSMLT @albertsumilat
@CaseyNeistat Oh wow! that is our president @jokowi and first lady Iriana right there. Lucky you @CaseyNeistat :-)
Jozest Marzy @Jozest
@CaseyNeistat Yes jokowi is our presidents. Its that agung hapsah?
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