FYI Cewe-cewe Aktif di Tinder, Ada Cowo Amerika dg Fake Name yg Suka Rekam Hubungan Seks dg Kamera Go-pro di Kepala

Kamera nempel dan ena-ena. Gimana tuch.
fe3h bot @tennetamong

To fellow friends in Indonesia who are active on Tinder! Beware of this person.

06/10/2017 11:46:54 WIB
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fe3h bot @tennetamong

Apparently there is already an article about him and he's notorious for his contents on how to pick up Asian girls 🙄

06/10/2017 14:44:40 WIB
fe3h bot @tennetamong

🤢🙄😖 girls beware.

06/10/2017 14:48:06 WIB
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claus @causticlovee

@tennetamong Thank you. I've sent these screenshots to social media accounts advocating for the safety and rights of Asian women.

06/10/2017 17:18:50 WIB
fe3h bot @tennetamong

@causticlovee The first screenshot isn't mine, it's from ig user mrstephenlee. But a quick search on google can match up with the stories there

06/10/2017 17:21:10 WIB

elok kartika putri - 🐤🐣 @ElokPutput

@Dodit_Mulyanto @tennetamong iku mas ono bule sering nyepik i wong wedok trs pas ml direkam diam2 trs rekamane didol tanpa sepengetahuan wong wedok e

06/10/2017 18:56:45 WIB
inda @intrixxx

@tennetamong Hmmm. Secretly films and shares it to his other girls. cc: @benny_israel

06/10/2017 22:51:31 WIB
Retja Pentung @RetjaPentung

@tennetamong If those chicks are so cheap dan easy to involved in sex with him, sorry... I lack my sympathy for them.

06/10/2017 16:07:42 WIB
( 👁 🕳️ 👁 ) 🔫 @nextarcokIat

@RetjaPentung @tennetamong different people different sex lifestyle and recording and spreading someone privacy without consent is another thing. The women are victim.

06/10/2017 17:36:17 WIB


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