Mustafa Akyol @AkyolinEnglish
Photo of the day (from a public bus in Turkey): A veiled Muslim lady whose headscarf reads, "I love Jesus." pic.twitter.com/vKmG3a0qjb
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Adnan Bulut @adnanbulutt
Metrobüsteki türbanlı bacı kafana sardığında " I Love Jesus" yazıyor:) pic.twitter.com/Isojmx9k69
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mephobia @mephobia8
Hahahahahahahah 😂😂😂 Muslim woman is wearing “I LOVE JESUS” headscarf 😜 She probably has no idea. pic.twitter.com/0v3PS6UAys
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Selaminko....Aleykümko.... @DAlessandro1789
@mephobia8 muslims believes all prophets so she can ❤️ jesus
nvbn @rabun100
@mephobia8 Hate to break it to you but muslims belive in Jesus (Isa). He's one of their prophets.
ARESH @lajaniii
@mephobia8 She probably has no idea, but so what? All muslims, or most of us, love Jesus. Yes, Muhammad is our prophet, but we love Jesus.
Adam22 @Ziyech123
@AkyolinEnglish Muslims love Jesus Alayhi Salam, because he is one of the prophets. Nothing weird about that.
bocahtuanakal @JunizarT
@AkyolinEnglish @zuhairimisrawi every Muslim has obligation to love all prophets including Jesus, so I also will say I LOVE JESUS
CAN ŞEN @nacnes1903
@AkyolinEnglish @wellsla Muslims must love jesus=(hz isa a.s.) as a prophet..I love Jesus extremely and i am a muslim...


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