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Christmas spending stories

A few different takes on christmas from a spending point of view.
TE @theoedwards_

So i've spent the last of my christmas money paying off debts -_- need a job

02/01/2012 23:57:02 WIB
Republic of N-Dubz @RepublicofNDubz

Goodbye Dublin, christmas and gluttony. Hello London, work and debts. #reality

02/01/2012 22:51:41 WIB

Now is a good time to start saving for next christmas

Ease the financial burden for next christmas by saving money regularly.

Heath Lackey @greenexistence

Don't get into debt - start saving for next Christmas: “Although the credit interest you may earn on savings isn...

04/01/2012 15:39:07 WIB

Ideas for managing money and budgeting.

Keelie @FooFightingMama

Okay, so we've all got ourselves into debt with Christmas overspending. Retail therapy in the January sales? Bargain!

04/01/2012 19:14:01 WIB


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