Creativity & Inspiration in Destination Marketing

Guest host Joe Vargo from Experience Columbus, Ohio leads a discussion about how to stay creative & inspired over the long haul when you're in tourism.
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#tourismchat is happening soon! Come join in and get new ideas and find out what others are doing!…
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Get more coffee/tea/whatever - #tourismchat starts in 5 minutes. Topic is staying creative & inspired as a tourism pro, w/host @Joe__Vargo
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We're proud to be on the @tourismchat team - Sept #tourismchat starts in 3 min., on tourism creativity/inspiration w/ @Joe__Vargo. Join us!
Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS
Putting on my @tourismchat hat to help run #tourismchat in 2 min. Topic: staying creative/inspired in our biz, w/ @Joe__Vargo. See u there?
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Welcome to September's #tourismchat, guest hosted today by @Joe__Vargo. Is it hard sometimes to stay inspired, even if you love your job?
Thomas Broadus @TbroOnline
#tourismchat just back from the Mississippi Tourism Association annual meeting, so fitting that I have time to jump in today
Joe Vargo @Joe__Vargo
@tourismchat Happy to be hosting today's #tourismchat on Inspiration! Inspiration is a daily habit; rarely a stroke of genius.
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@tourismchat @Joe__Vargo Katie here w/ @VisitHamiltonCo. Yes, I find I get stuck in creative ruts - especially since things are cyclical in tourism. #tourismchat
Anthony Haag @anthony_haag
#Tourismchat is starting with @Joe__Vargo talking inspiration and staying inspired and creative as a destination marketer.
Tom Martin @TomMartin
@Joe__Vargo @tourismchat tuning in to #tourismchat... assume you'll keep it interesting ;-)
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Here's Q1 - What are some easy ways to schedule creativity into your day? #tourismchat
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