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Natasha Monsaas-Daly @TeachingMD 20/09/2017 02:36:15 WIB
10 minutes until this hashtag is taken over by our first Twitter chat. #EPHSinspire <— follow the hashtag and join us!
Dominic Kirkpatrick @Kirkpatrick_EP 20/09/2017 02:38:25 WIB
Looking forward to the first #EPHSinspire chat. Dominic is in!
Natasha Monsaas-Daly @TeachingMD 20/09/2017 02:45:10 WIB
About one minute until we kick off this Twitter chat. We’ll start with introductions. #EPHSinspire
Natasha Monsaas-Daly @TeachingMD 20/09/2017 02:47:07 WIB
Welcome to our 1st chat! Please start by introducing yourself, your role, & something great abt the first few weeks of school. #EPHSinspire
EP Humanities @EPHumanities 20/09/2017 02:47:30 WIB
Looking forward to my first ever Twitter chat! Look out world--old man, new tricks! #EPHSinspire
Stephanie Wheelock @WheelockTeach 20/09/2017 02:48:55 WIB
Steph Wheelock, Q Comp, I have seen amazing teachers making sure each student in his/her class feels supported & is learning! #EPHSInspire
Charise Aeikens @aeikensep 20/09/2017 02:49:07 WIB
Mrs. Aeikens = New Business Teacher. I love meeting all of the new students #ephsinspire
Steven Rollin @StevenPRollin 20/09/2017 02:49:08 WIB
#ephsinspire Steve Rollin, EPHS Gifted and Talented Coordinator. I am impressed with the commitment of staff to reduce the achievement gap!
Stephanie Steen @stephanielsteen 20/09/2017 02:49:22 WIB
I’m Stephanie, an instructional coach. It has been inspiring to see teachers use so many WICOR strategies the past few weeks. #EPHSinspire
fayeabdi@EPHS @faye_abdiEPHS 20/09/2017 02:49:41 WIB
Faye Abdi, English teacher. Loved seeing my students go from very little discussion to leading themselves in 3 weeks. #EPHSinspire
Natasha Monsaas-Daly @TeachingMD 20/09/2017 02:49:53 WIB
Make sure to follow your new Twitter people! Continue to make connections. 1st question in about 1 minute. #EPHSinspire
Molly Hollenbeck @HollenbeckMolly 20/09/2017 02:50:14 WIB
Molly Hollenbeck, Associate Principal. Teachers flipping their couches. Students being amazing. #EPHSinspire
Roxanne Myhre @MyhreEP 20/09/2017 02:50:17 WIB
@TeachingMD My name is Roxy Myhre, I teach Health, I had a great 3 weeks building community with my students. #EPHSInspire
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