Rupert Murdoch versus John Prescott

Rupert Murdoch: That media mogul John Prescott: Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party An archive of John Prescott's timeline (his tweets and retweets). No edit by me.
Twitter media
John Prescott @johnprescott
Welcome to Twitter...@rupertmurdoch@. I've left you a Happy New Year message on my voicemail!
John Prescott @johnprescott
Hey @rupertmurdoch. I'm surprised you're only following two people. The police said it was at least 800!
John Prescott @johnprescott
.@rupertmurdoch Good luck in 2012. The Sky's the you discovered in 2011 ;) #letitBSkyB
jof @tweetbyjof
Whoever's running that @johnprescott account isn't doing a very good job. It's all written in perfectly intelligible English, for starters.
John Prescott @johnprescott
.@rupertmurdoch Good luck with your latest venture into social media. I promise not to mention MySpace.....much!
John Prescott @johnprescott
RT @rupertmurdoch: Maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country! < Now we know who writes The Sun's leader column! #stayclassyrupe
Alex @enigma_alex
@rupertmurdoch too many holidays? We have less than the rest of europe!
John Prescott @johnprescott
Interesting @rupertmurdoch refers to Britain as 'broke.' Who goes around saying 'Broken Britain?'
John Prescott @johnprescott
.@rupertmurdoch Number of public holidays in 2012. UK 9 days (usually 8) US 10, Australia 11. #foxorfacts
John Prescott @johnprescott
@misterfrosty: @johnprescott is there 9 bank holidays this year? Where's the extra one?” < Queen's Diamond Jubilee on June 5th
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @build_a_fire
@johnprescott Did you see that @rupertmurdoch deleted that tweet about us lazy Brits? He's finding out about Twitter the hard way!
@johnprescott Trying to establish veracity of Murdoch's 'Brits have took many holidays' tweet. Can you help? Did you see it yourself?
John Prescott @johnprescott
@storyfulfelim Yes. He tweeted it then deleted it after we whipped up a storm
John Prescott @johnprescott
Here's the tweet @rupertmurdoch deleted about Brits having too many holidays via@EdgeOfKhaos Doubt it's THE Wendi Deng
John Prescott @johnprescott
Here it is RT @StevenNott Is this the one you mean ? @rupertmurdoch tweet about 'broke brits'
Dawn Burnett @DawnBurnett
@johnprescott Rupert is right. Look at all those work-shy journos. Too lazy for legitimate investigation they hack voicemail and nick bins
Luke Wykes @thelukebjj
@johnprescott #murdochsdeletedtweets Does anyone remember where i put my formerly popular sunday tabloid?
neil ansell @neilbobb
@johnprescott #murdochsdeletedtweets I really think nations should pick their own government without interference
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