Indonesia Mendunia, Foto 'Sedihnya' Kuda Laut Kecil Seret Sampah di Laut Sumbawa Ini Bikin Dunia Berkabung

Sedemikian parahkan laut menjadi tempat pembuangan sampah?
BoW_WoW @bowo_lesmono

@arbainrambey Ini sarkasme dlm dunia fotografi, sangat mengena.

15/09/2017 14:07:18 WIB

Foto tersebut diambil oleh Justin Hofman di perairan Indonesia, tepatnya di Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Sempat menjadi perbincangan media asing.

Aie Balagtas See @AieBalagtasSee

"This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans." - @justinhofman for SeaLegacy

13/09/2017 14:47:28 WIB
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roberto koch @koch_roberto

Amitav Ghosh su @repubblicait parla del pianeta Terra a a partire da una foto di @justinhofman

14/09/2017 12:21:46 WIB
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Foto di unggahan fotografernya...

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tommyih I feel so bad for this picture and behalf of Indonesian people I am so sorry. I also sorry for doing nothing to prevent things like this happening in our ocean 😭😭😭

nino_soetikno Thanks for uploading his photo @justinhofman .. !!! It's really sad, when a sea horse trying to clean up a seal of a "cutton bud," while we as God's most perfect creatures is busy fouling the sea itself. Where are our instincts? ☹️🙏

gdziesakasperki This is unbelievable and worrying. Not a new topic but on pictures like this it's soooo tangible. ... Stunning shot anyway, but of course wish it never tool place . Cheers!

peekabio So fucking sad! What are we doing indeed?? What sort of future are we creating as you said?... 😔💙🌍

Maaf @justinhofman, maaf dunia.. Kita sebagai warga negara Indonesia sangat malu...


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