#DubesDonovan dalam acara Bali Clean Energy Forum

Ambassador Joseph R. Donovan at the Bali Clean Energi Forum & Renewable Energy Conference.
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We are committed to working with Pres @jokowi,@kementerianESDM & others to help Indonesia harness its tremendous renewable energy potential pic.twitter.com/2nPoos11pG

13/09/2017 14:15:12 WIB
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Our renewable energy cooperation with Indonesia is strong but could be even stronger! #indoebtkeconex2017

13/09/2017 14:00:28 WIB
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In April, @VP and @Pak_JK saw the signing of 9 energy agreements worth $10 billion USD. #indoebtkeconex2017

13/09/2017 13:55:06 WIB
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.@Energy also helped develop a national energy efficiency roadmap for Indonesia in partnership with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

13/09/2017 13:50:08 WIB
usembassyjkt @usembassyjkt

.@ENERGY ‘s $1.3 million #SustainableEnergy program for remote renewable electricity in remote parts of Indonesia with experts from @NREL.

13/09/2017 13:45:10 WIB
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.@MCCgov’s #GreenProsperity Project another example of US-Indonesian partnership to develop #renewableenergy. @MCAIndo

13/09/2017 13:40:08 WIB
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.@USAIDIndonesia is also creating connections between U.S.-RI experts to facilitate integration of #renewableenergy into the power grid.

13/09/2017 13:35:06 WIB
usembassyjkt @usembassyjkt

.@usaidindonesia is working w/ @kementerianESDM @BappenasRI to identify high-potential renewable energy sources throughout Indonesia.

13/09/2017 13:30:20 WIB
usembassyjkt @usembassyjkt

We will continue to support Indonesia’s goal of reliable, affordable, & sustainable energy for all through partnerships, trade & investment.

13/09/2017 13:25:04 WIB
usembassyjkt @usembassyjkt

The United States will continue leading the #cleanenergy sector, from R&D to commercialization and deployment.

13/09/2017 13:20:08 WIB
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#CleanEnergy employs almost 3 million people; nearly 2.2 million Americans are working in #energyefficiency and 500K in #renewableenergy.

13/09/2017 13:15:08 WIB
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In the US, #cleanenergy accounts for almost half the jobs in the US energy sector.

13/09/2017 13:10:08 WIB
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In the last 5 yrs, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the cost of solar and wind power; wind turbines, solar panels are now cost-effective.

13/09/2017 13:05:07 WIB
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#RenewableEnergy is a key component of the modern electricity system. Market for renewable energy tech is global and growing rapidly.

13/09/2017 12:55:04 WIB
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The United States is committed to renewable energy as part of President Trump’s energy strategy. - #DubesDonovan

13/09/2017 12:50:05 WIB
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Pantau terus @usembassyjkt utk pesan langsung dari #DubesDonovan dlm acara Bali Clean Energy Forum @KementerianESDM. Stay tuned!

13/09/2017 12:45:06 WIB


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