CJ Werleman @cjwerleman
How one Rohingya Muslim man carried his parents for nearly 100 miles to escape Burma's death squads. pic.twitter.com/FQfOEc2PMA
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🌹SAMIMA SUMI 🌺 @shamim9595
#Rohingya man, whom u call backward Muslim, carried his parents to safety to Bangladesh on his shoulder and traveled on foot. My Respect! pic.twitter.com/Y5nbvVH21I
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Nigerian Muslim @nigeriamuslim
#Rohingya Muslim man carries his parents for days and days fleeing from the brutal #Myanmar army. #SaveTheRohingya #Burma pic.twitter.com/uz7MXBpnm2
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ناعمہ @Naima2k19
a Rohingya muslim fleeing frm myanmar to BD, spent 7days walking through forests carrying his parents who r unable to walk #RohingyaMuslims pic.twitter.com/uNHr9daFxN
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Qasim Rashid, Esq. @QasimRashid
Rohingya Muslim man carries his disabled parents 100 miles on foot to escape genocide from Myanmar's government. /2 pic.twitter.com/5GkqY2vbWb
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Shuyin @Shuyin093
@Muhammad5402 @cjwerleman @RehamKhanI You don't need religion to tells you to do something for your parents, if you love them you'll do anything
Luca Turin @Turin_Luca
@cjwerleman Everything about this picture is awful: the fact that two elderly people are so emaciated they hardly bend the stick is for me the worst.
Golive Media @golivemediauk
@cjwerleman I would wash this mans feet, surely the carpets of heaven would be rolled out to him and his parents.
Muhammad Saleem @Muhammad5402
@cjwerleman @RehamKhanI This man is a Muslim & Islam tells him to respect your parents, especially when they become old and Paradise is under the feet of Mother
Cuda @SaidCuda
@cjwerleman This is so sad to see. When will it stop for these people? When will they receive their help. There's only so much we can do as individuals.


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