Wartawan BBC Ini Ungkap Fakta Bahwa Desa Muslim Rohingya Dibakar Dengan Sengaja

Wartawan BBC, Jonathan Head, meliput krisis Rohingya di desa Maungdaw. Ia melihat bahwa kebakaran di desa tersebut disengaja
BBC krisis rohingya muslim myanmar wartawan Rohingya
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Jonathan Head @pakhead 06/09/2017 18:18:12 WIB
Maungdaw is a ghost town. Heavy security everywhere, plenty of burned houses even in town. Government tells us every house burned by ARSA.
Jonathan Head @pakhead 06/09/2017 18:28:48 WIB
Have been shown photos of men in jihadi gear burning Muslim homes in Maungdaw - but they look staged, posing. Escorted everywhere by cops
Jonathan Head @pakhead 07/09/2017 13:34:34 WIB
Massive destruction in Al Le Than Kyaw south of Maungdaw. Entire town burned, still smoking. Big smoke columns & gunfire to the north.
Jonathan Head @pakhead 07/09/2017 13:36:12 WIB
Entire swathes of N. Rakhine State have been depopulated. Empty villages, many burned, crops and livestock abandoned. Burning continues.
Jonathan Head @pakhead 07/09/2017 15:00:28 WIB
Just saw a Muslim villages set alight by Rakhine youths wth jugs of petrol and machetes. Huge inferno. S of Maungdaw wth big police presence
Jonathan Head @pakhead 07/09/2017 15:25:36 WIB
Still smoking. The village of Gawdu Zara, an hour after it was set alight by Rakhine youths. pic.twitter.com/WwzLJTVuPO
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Jonathan Head @pakhead 09/09/2017 20:38:33 WIB
BBC report based on my visit to Maungdaw youtube.com/watch?v=odF8L3…
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Jonathan Head @pakhead 10/09/2017 12:38:12 WIB
Did Rohingya set fire to their homes? Fake photos given to journalists on the govt media tour of Maungdaw straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/d…
Jonathan Head @pakhead 10/09/2017 15:51:23 WIB
2 Hindus who dressed as Muslims in fake house-burning photos were also presented to us as victims to film n Maungdaw facebook.com/jonathan.head.…
Jonathan Head @pakhead 11/09/2017 14:28:45 WIB
‘That guy should be killed’: Escaping a mob in Maungdaw | More great work by Frontier Myanmar frontiermyanmar.net/en/that-guy-sh…
Jonathan Head @pakhead 11/09/2017 20:24:19 WIB
Rohingyas confined to squalid camps in Sittwe say they international aid has stopped & they cannot buy rice w/o permission from authorities.
viva palestina @evergreenMadina 09/09/2017 07:59:25 WIB
Aung Suu Kyi denies it is happening but BBC news reporter @pakhead has gone on record saying he has witnessed ethnic cleansing #Rohingya twitter.com/RafiqulRa/stat…
Eddie Du @Edourdoo 10/09/2017 23:44:21 WIB
The BBC apparently caught Buddhists setting fire to Muslim villages with help from the police, and blaming it on the Rohingya militants. pic.twitter.com/VoQAFkrOZT
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Charles Henrywood @c_henrywood 10/09/2017 05:12:20 WIB
BBC News Rohingya crisis: My thanks to BBC reporter for showing it is both possible and acceptable to combine empathy and factual accuracy
Kenneth Roth @KenRoth 10/09/2017 08:43:55 WIB
Even on Burma govt-sponsored tour, BBC @pakhead saw burning Rohingya villages & the likely army-backed perpetrators. bit.ly/2vWZuvK pic.twitter.com/80iRgABgil
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Mas Piyu 🇮🇩 @maspiyuuu 09/09/2017 08:52:32 WIB
di tengah keterbatasan krn penjagaan ketat aparat, wartawan BBC berhasil mengungkap FAKTA... twitter.com/maspiyuuu/stat…

PBB juga telah mengeluarkan pernyataan bahwa krisis Rohingya adalah 'pembersihan etnis'

BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 11/09/2017 15:07:50 WIB
Myanmar's security operation against Muslim Rohingyas "seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing", UN says bbc.in/2wU6kiJ
URL www.portal-islam.id 2726 [BREAKING NEWS] Pernyataan Resmi PBB: Myanmar Telah Melakukan 'Pembersihan Etnis' Rohingya (Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights) [ PORTAL-ISLAM.ID ]  JENEWA - Pejabat tinggi hak asasi manusia PBB tel...

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